Contrasting materials for creating optical illusions

The strength of the stainless steel and the softness of the material are brought together in Kaleidos, to give life to a truly unique design: the black perforated material contrasts with the chromed internal part, playing with the light and creating a wonderful optical effect.

Technical features
Code 110.0157.237
Description KALEIDOS (SET)
Materials Stainless Steel
Number of engines 1
Lighting Led S1000
Filter aluminium
Technical Plus
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Delayed switch-off

Energy diffuser
reduces noise and guarantees higher hood efficiency even in the presence of long air outlet.

Key 24
allows the a continuous air renewal with noise imperceptible to the human ear

Remote control

Intensive speed
activates maximum aspiration for a limited time to meet special needs.

112.0157.240 F8 KIT 2 C.F. D196 H37 FABER
112.0158.127 FHP8 KIT 2 C.F. D196 H37 HIGH PERF. FB
112.0169.137 KIT 6 LAMPS LOW CONSUMPT 9W G9
112.0185.278 FLL8 KIT 2 C.F. D196 H37 LONG LASTING FB

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