A concentration of natural light

An original and unique design, the Nest hood reflects the typical streaked form of a bird’s nest: the body is formed by the lamp itself which is all glass, which in turn contains the extractor hood, amplifying and reflecting the light.

Technical features
Code 110.0157.234
Description NEST (SET)
Materials Stainless Steel
Number of engines 1
Lighting Led S1000
Filter aluminium
Technical Plus
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Delayed switch-off

Energy diffuser
reduces noise and guarantees higher hood efficiency even in the presence of long air outlet.

Key 24
allows the a continuous air renewal with noise imperceptible to the human ear

Remote control

Intensive speed
activates maximum aspiration for a limited time to meet special needs.

112.0157.240 F8 KIT 2 C.F. D196 H37 FABER
112.0158.127 FHP8 KIT 2 C.F. D196 H37 HIGH PERF. FB
112.0169.136 KIT 6 HALOGEN LAMPS 33W G9
112.0185.278 FLL8 KIT 2 C.F. D196 H37 LONG LASTING FB

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