Induction hob adapters: what to know and which to choose

Induction hob adapters: what to know and which to choose

Have you changed your kitchen with one featuring an induction hob, but you don’t want to replace all of your pots? You need a hob adapter. Here is some useful advice to know what to choose and why.

A new kitchen, equipped with an induction hob: a ceramic hob without buttons and knobs, but above all without a live flame. Unless you are planning to buy a brand-new set of pots, including a moka pot, you will have to rely on a hob adapter. In fact, it is crucial to remember that an induction hob requires pans made entirely, or partially, of iron or steel. Everything made of aluminum, copper or ceramic requires a simple metal disc placed between the pot and the hob itself in order to work on induction.

Choosing your induction hob adapter
The aforementioned metal disc acts as a link between the pots and the hob, thanks to a very simple principle: the adapter heats up, consequently heating the pot through heat conduction. Induction hob adapters normally cost between 10 and 20 euros; they are available on Amazon and on the most well-stocked household item and cookware stores as well. We advise you to make sure that your purchase is made of good quality materials and manufactured by competent companies. Here are the standard requirements: three layers of metal, stainless steel (which must be placed directly in contact with the induction hob), aluminum in the center (which favors the diffusion of heat) and 18/10 stainless steel.

Induction hobs, an eco-friendly choice
Induction hobs might surely be an aesthetic choice; however, they are above all an eco-friendly choice: an energy efficient house should not need fossil fuels. Faber, within its wide range of induction hobs, suggests the Galileo Smart one, since its integrated extractor hood further increases energy saving. This hood is a jewel of energy class A +++: invisible and extremely functional, it represents the maximum aesthetic perfection between hob and hood, all in a single product.

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