Country cooker hoods


Good things come from choosing a Country hood.

So many ways to interpret a unique and original idea, and to create the perfect rustic kitchen! In true Country style but with contemporary taste, of course! Just as the world is constantly evolving, so too is Faber’s creativity, inspiring fantastic new models that add personality and style to any kitchen. Faber’s Country hoods come in many different versions, from classical chimney models to hoods in pure, simple Country style and even the latest shabby chic designs.

Elegant accessories to complement your Faber hood.

Let these precious wood complements make your rustic kitchen even more personal! Faber’s stylish food set with cutting board and bread bag, and the matching shelf kit for country hoods are not mere accessories. By combining great taste, attractive design and true functionality, these essential complements are the finishing touches that makes your kitchen truly complete.
Faber’s Country hoods can also be equipped with a remote motor kit to move the fan outside the kitchen, up to 6 metres away from the hood itself. With the main source of noise eliminated, you can finally enjoy the comfort of your living space in the natural silence typical of Country life.


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