The Technologies

Silk Act Technology is the first real innovation aimed to actively reduce noise in an appliance, it records the frequency-amplitude and creates a complementary wave that deletes the original reducing it to 13 dBA- SILK ACT: ACTIVE NOISE REDUCTION
HFH Technology is the exclusive FABER filtering system , it is long life, high performance, and has a 95% effectiveness rate. The HFH system is easily removable and dishwasher safe- HFH: HIGHLY EFFECTIVE ACTIVE CARBON FILTERING SYSTEM
Pro Tech technology is a security system that monitors the hob emitting a sound signal in the presence of excessive temperature and / or leakage of water. Pro Tech protects children by turning off electric hob and oven- PROTECH: TOTAL SAFETY SYSTEM
The Brushless Motor with high aspiration efficiency, and Ledlight illumination, allow significant energy savings combined with reduced CO2 emissions- ENERGY SAVING WITH THE BRUSHLESS MOTOR AND THE LEDLIGHT TECHNOLOGY


Energy Saving

Why choose Faber

The technologies applied to Faber hoods ensure innovation and freedom to make the most of your home.

silk act
energy saving


Our design is faithful to the American architect,
Louis Henry Sullivan’s principle: “Form follows function”.

It’s our way of creating hoods that meet your actual needs, both practical and aesthetic.
It is our way of not being confused with fashion design.

The hood has been the last among domestic appliances to vaunt its own design: without making false claims, we were the first to bring a sense of innovation and industrial development to the chimney hood, an aesthetic solution that has set the tone. We design our models knowing that the hood has a strong visual impact in the kitchen, enhancing and harmonizing its lines, integrating itself without losing its own style. The aesthetic value is difficult to quantify, but certainly important for your choice. Our response to your taste can be seen in the wide range we offer so that you can shape your style in the kitchen. Faber’s style is present in every model, but its highest expression is in decorative hoods.

Give value to your choice, choose Faber.

Warranties and Certifications

All Faber’s products are covered by a 2 years “full guarantee” (European Countries)

Your hood is guaranteed against any lack of conformity that may arise during this period.

We build our hoods to be durable and safe, one of our major aims is to provide products without defects, that’s why we do not hesitate to provide warranties and support.

The Faber hood is synonymous with quality and safety.

Consumer satisfaction is certainly an important index that rewards our efforts, but it is not enough.

Faber hoods are certified to ensure quality and safety by leading certification institutes in Europe and worldwide:

 Italian Quality Mark, legally recognized in the European Community

Norway Quality Mark, recognized in Scandinavian Countries

USA and Canada Quality Mark

Chinese Mark of Quality

Authorized Laboratory

The main international bodies for certification and approval have honored Faber’s commitment to quality allowing our trial laboratory to carry out tests which recognize the conformity of products with the most stringent security requirements.



Faber hoods: the fruit of 50 years expertise in the treatment of air in the kitchen.

We were the first in the kitchen hood sector to obtain the ISO 9001 quality certification system. All Faber hoods are subject to safety testing and performance verification.

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