How to purify the air in a shop and ensure a healthy environment for customers

How to purify the air in a shop and ensure a healthy environment for customers

As places that are generally frequented by a large number of people and that become particularly crowded during holiday periods or seasonal sales, commercial businesses must pay special attention to indoor air quality. This requirement is essential in the case of shops that are located in shopping centres and, as such, are generally without windows.

In addition to the presence of employees and customers, especially in large shops, we must also take into account the number of workers present in common areas. Cashiers, sales staff, and cleaners all breathe the same air in the same room, often without even enjoying a change of air through a suitable opening. In any case, in urban settings, “fresh” air from the outside is usually contaminated by exhaust fumes and fine dust.

Let's take a closer look at the elements that can threaten the health of customers and workers in these kinds of spaces and how we can purify the air in a shop to ensure a healthy environment despite the high level of activity that characterises them.


Visiting a shop or spending a prolonged time inside of one entails a risk of exposure to various elements that can become reservoirs of harmful substances: from the presence of dust to odours generated by perfumes and detergents to toxic substances from building and furnishing materials.

Here are the main pollutants found in a shop:

  • Dust - small particles in the air spread easily between shelves of goods and are, unfortunately, invisible: cleaning surfaces is therefore not always sufficient to eliminate them completely;
  • Gases and carbon dioxide - an increase in the number of people inside an enclosed space is closely linked to the progressive formation of stale air (CO2 is one of the indicator gases of air quality);
  • Microbiological contaminants - although the emergency pandemic regulations concerning the wearing of masks in commercial establishments may now be behind us, we must not forget that viruses and bacteria tend to spread faster in enclosed spaces, especially on occasions when several people are present in a confined space. This spread can also be facilitated by inadequate, dirty, or poorly maintained ventilation in shops.


An ideal choice to comply with the general regulations on hygiene in the workplace established by the Ministry of Health, and to preserve the psychophysical wellbeing of employees and customers, the purchase of a good air purifier allows for the production of healthy and safe air inside of commercial premises. This is because the best air purifiers on the market do more than simply rid the air of any unpleasant odours that may be present in the shop: they allow stale air to be sucked in, removed of impurities through a filtering system, and reintroduced into the environment in a deeply purified form. They are an effective tool for maintaining high standards of hygiene to combat the proliferation of pathogens and the spread of infections in situations where the continuous passage of people makes the insidious action of substances that could be harmful to customers and workers difficult to control.

This task is fully achieved by the highly developed technology of Faber's Air Hub Portable air purifier (from the Faber Air Hub range), a device that is more strategic than ever in terms of ensuring a healthy shared environment for shops and commercial establishments. Cleverly combining 4 stages of filtration, its 4 UV-C lamps are valuable allies in the strategic protection of these kinds of spaces: in addition to effectively eliminating dust and allergens, they guarantee the abatement of up to 99.99% of the viruses and bacteria that propagate when several people are present in the same environment. This state-of-the-art solution also achieves a high quality of air inside commercial spaces thanks to its remote control function and the presence of a dual cutting-edge sensor that monitors air quality 24 hours a day. This helps to make your shop a pleasant and reassuring place where you can work happily and allows you to make shopping choices where you feel welcome and protected.

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