Light, easy and quick summer recipes

Light, easy and quick summer recipes

Bring the Italian summer to your kitchen with cold pasta salad

Pasta in the summer? Of course, with its lighter refreshing version, full of all the freshest ingredients of the season: cold pasta salad. Here a few tips for an explosion of flavor: prepare the dressing in advance, at least 10 minutes before and cook the pasta “al dente”, slightly hard. Finally, the trick to keeping the pasta from sticking together is to season it immediately with a mix of oil and aromatic herbs. You can then enrich it as you like: with grilled vegetables, shrimp and cherry tomatoes, for example. A tasty variant is bresaola (air-dried beef), rocket, parmesan and seeds, or tuna, corn and aubergines topped by mozzarella.

Fish: healthy, quick to cook and diet friendly

Pan-fried squid is a quick and easy summer dish, ideal for those who love light cooking and the delicate flavor of fish. A final touch: sprinkle breadcrumbs and lemon juice on top, for a mix and match of textures and flavors. If you are a fish lover on a diet, roasted cuttlefish is a simple, delicious and quick dish to cook, while still being a low-calorie one. Among the great summer classics of light recipes we have grilled white fish in foil packets, seasoned with aromatic herbs of your liking. Finally, for a fish-based dish with an exotic touch, you can opt for couscous with fish and veggies, the latter to be cooked together while simmering gently to avoid nutrient loss and retain all flavors.

No more annoying fish smell in the kitchen

Cooking fish is often dreaded because of the fear of persistent bad smells in the kitchen. Faber will help you enjoy the experience of cooking and eating fish in the comfort of your home thanks to our selection of built-in cooker hoods. In-Light offers 5 different models, all featuring an elegant ultra-flat panel illuminated along the entire perimeter, the latter being the true aspirating heart of our product range. Equipped with perimeter suction, this cooker hood reduces the perceived sound sensation by 25%, ensuring optimal effectiveness. Also Pyana hood guarantees to deliver superb efficiency with minimum consumption and, of course, maximum comfort.

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