The new Galileo Glass: the hob with an integrated extractor hood that is perfect for contemporary kitchens

The new Galileo Glass: the hob with an integrated extractor hood that is perfect for contemporary kitchens

The extractor hood in the modern kitchen is no longer hidden away as it once was, but has become a key design element. Abandoning all restraint, it takes over the scene and becomes the focal point. An indispensable tool for eliminating the fumes and unpleasant odours emanating from the cooker, today it must blend in with the rest of the interior, satisfying not only functional requirements, but also those relating to ease of use and aesthetic  considerations, performing a decorative function.

There are many different types of cooker hood on the market to suit all tastes and to blend in perfectly with the different styles of interior chosen for the kitchen. Whether they are suspended, built-in, downdraft or integrated into the hob, they must not only guarantee safety and quality performance, but also be aesthetically pleasing.

In this article we will explore the features of the Galileo Glass hob-integrated cooker hood from the Galileo  range by Faber. Exemplifying the highest aesthetic perfection in the integration of hob and hood, it is well suited to a modern/contemporary style kitchen.

Characteristics of the modern/contemporary style kitchen

Characterised by an essential design that is at the same time simple and elegant, the modern kitchen features neutral and mostly light colours that contribute to a brighter ambience. The fridge, oven and appliances typically feature clean lines and a minimalist look and generally materials such as glass and metal, smooth, shiny surfaces and well-defined geometric shapes dominate each element. This style has become very popular in the home and requires the use of elements that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also offer a high level of functionality.

More specifically, common features of modern/contemporary style kitchens include:

  • Clean lines and simple shapes - Modern kitchens are based on straight, clean lines, with a preference for simple forms that give the room an uncluttered and organised feel.

The new Galileo Glass hob by Faber fits perfectly into this context, representing the highest aesthetic perfection between hob and hood in a single product. In this case, the hood is completely flush with the hob, a feature that cleverly avoids unsightly visual breaks: an appliance with a streamlined design, yet meticulously finished and detailed.

  • Consistent materials and neutral colours - Materials such as stainless steel, glass and glass ceramic are used for furniture surfaces, worktops and wall coverings, with a preference for matte over gloss. Modern and contemporary kitchens are also often characterised by neutral colours such as white, grey and black shades that convey an idea of elegance and cleanliness.

Ideal for creating a unified design, the Galileo Glass cooktops have touch controls on polished glass, the cooking zone on matte glass and the cast iron grill with glass detail: a combination of materials that creates an interesting visual contrast and adds depth to the overall design.  Perfectly in keeping with the materials and colours suggested for this type of décor, with its very refined black glass, it will add even more style to the room.

  • Practical and easy to clean - Contemporary kitchens need to be practical and dynamic, in tune with today's needs and aesthetically pleasing, with appliances and furniture that are quick and easy to clean and that also help us make the most of small spaces.

An important aspect not lost on the designers of the Galileo Glass hob with integrated hood: the smooth, continuous surface of the hob allows dirt to be removed in a single step, while the hood's grease filter, which is both efficient and functional as a first barrier, is easily removable and dishwasher-safe. Its clever, compact design also leaves plenty of space in the cupboard underneath: where better to put a  utensil drawer than under the  hob?

  • Integrated technology - Environments of this type often use innovative technologies such as the latest generation of household appliances, LED lighting and automation systems to optimise the practicality and functionality of the cooking

The Galileo Glass hob with integrated hood offers numerous functional advantages thanks to its advanced features. First and foremost, the efficient extraction of cooking fumes and odours, keeping the kitchen air fresh and clean and avoiding the damaging effects of indoor air pollution. Among the technological additions that make the difference in a contemporary kitchen are the touch-slider controls  that allow you to adjust the cooking zones and the extraction level with a simple touch; the waterproof technology  of the motor that guarantees safety even in the event of accidental spillage of liquids in the extraction zone; and the  Bridge Zone function, which allows individual zones to be selected and activated in combination mode to create larger zones with the same power level.

In modern/contemporary kitchens, the new Galileo Glass hob with integrated hood by Faber is therefore the ideal choice for a harmonious and functional environment. A model that fits in perfectly with the clean, minimalist design of this type of environment, offering sleek looks and consistent materials as well as practical functionality and first-class performance.

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