Christmas lunch - Cooking with Federico Fusca

Christmas lunch - Cooking with Federico Fusca

The Christmas countdown has begun, and these last few days are hectic as always, in a mad rush to arrange the last presents and the final details.  And since most of us will be spending the festive season at home with family and friends, in addition to the customary decorations, we also have to think about what menu to offer our guests. Our hospitality should not be limited to the delicacies we put on the table but should also take into account the pleasantness of the spaces that we share and the quality of the air we reserve for our guests.

In addition to being made up of dust, pollen, bacteria and atmospheric particles, it should not be forgotten that the air in our homes is also threatened by bad smells from the cooking of food: the emission of fumes and the formation of vapours can make the kitchen a high-risk environment for indoor pollution.

How can we balance our wish to prepare elaborate dishes that are right for the occasion with the need to purify the air in the kitchen, ensuring a healthy and enjoyable environment during Christmas lunch? Celebrity chef and widely followed food influencer Federico Fusca enlightens us as he prepares one of his special dishes for us in the run-up to Christmas.

RECIPE: Peposo del Brunelleschi (Black Pepper Beef Stew

An inviting and full-bodied recipe, also known as Peposo dell'Impruneta - a town just outside Florence to which the original recipe is attributed - Peposo del Brunelleschi is one of the typical recipes of ancient Tuscan tradition.  It is an exquisitely flavoured stew that is ideal for serving at a festive lunch where family and friends are gathered around the table.

Here’s how our acclaimed chef from Pistoia interprets this famous dish.

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Ingredients (for 4 people):

- 1 kg stewing beef

- 40 cl full-bodied red wine, preferably Tuscan

- Garlic to taste

- Oil to taste

- Salt

- Black pepper in grains to taste

- Bouquet garnish (rosemary, sage, thyme, marjoram)

- Vegetable stock to taste or water (made with celery, carrots and onions)

- 400 g tomato passata or peeled tomatoes (to be added as desired)


Federico starts by cutting the beef muscle into not-too-small squares, then he sautés the garlic in abundant extra virgin olive oil in a saucepan. Once the garlic has softened, he adds the meat, letting it roast evenly for about 5/10 minutes together with the vegetable stock and a handful of ground pepper (what would peposo be without abundant black pepper?). He then adds a generous bunch of herbs tied with string. Next he covers it with red wine and, once the alcohol has evaporated, he leaves it to simmer on low heat - with the lid on - for about 2/3 hours. Dulcis in fundo… Federico's personal touch lies in the use of tomato passata, not included in the original recipe: a truly delicious Christmas dish which is sure to impress our guests!

Now that our Peposo di Brunelleschi is almost ready and our Christmas guests are arriving... how will we get rid of the fumes from such a long cooking time and the overpowering aromas that have permeated the whole house? Federico reassures us: the super-powerful Galileo by Faber will take care of it. When switched on, especially when preparing elaborate dishes, the suction speed of this powerful extractor hood is activated automatically, adapting to the intensity of the cooking process. But its performance does not end there: Faber amazes us with the double intensive function, which goes beyond the classic intensive suction of ordinary cooker hoods. By turning suction up to level 5, Federico guarantees that it will only take a few minutes to eliminate both cooking fumes and the most persistent odours before guests knock on the door.

Discreet and super-functional, Galileo NG from the Galileo suction and filtering hood series cleverly combines the functions of  cooker hob and  suction hood into a single product that stands out for its practical, efficient and functional features. This level of performance is achieved through a series of extra technological  features, such as the automatic hood ignition that adapts suction speed to the maximum cooking level and the additional Double Intensive Suction that neutralises even the most persistent and unpleasant odours. What makes the Galileo NG even more appealing is the energy saving made possible by the ultra-quiet brushless motor and the strategic space-saving design, allowing space for utensils under the hob. Truly the perfect assistant for your kitchen to aid you in finishing the cooking and rapidly transforming the air so that the kitchen is ready to host all your Christmas guests.

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