Faber’s prestige hoods and innovative Nautilus technology on display at the Mebel Exhibition in Moscow

Faber’s prestige hoods and innovative Nautilus technology on display at the Mebel Exhibition in Moscow

Milan, November 2017. Faber, the company that invented the kitchen hood back in 1955, is at the Mebel 2017 Exhibition in Moscow until 24 November along with other top-flight names in home furnishing. The event provides a perfect opportunity for Faber to present its designer hoods and its latest technology, including the Nautilus diffuser and the innovative Steam Off anti-condensation system, to the Russian and East European markets.

The hoods on display include Talìka, the first ever hood to be installed perfectly perpendicular to the hob. Talìka incorporates Faber’s exclusive new Nautilus diffuser, which earns an Energy Efficiency Class A rating for the hoods that incorporate it.

This impressive achievement marks a turning point for kitchen hoods. Until only a few years ago, even the most efficient and advanced hoods could only manage Energy Efficiency Class C for an equivalent air flow. In addition to being efficient and technologically advanced, the Nautilus diffuser is also only 15 cm thick, allowing hoods to be installed in a precisely vertical plane.

The exhibition stand also features other prestige Faber hoods: Corinthia, the cylindrical hood that re-interprets classical style; Lybra, with its exclusive Up&Down technology and minimalist design that uses glass to lighten lines and structure; the clean and elegant-looking T- Light, with its original inverted ‘T’ design; Pareo, the hood with an elegant, modular, spiral design that lowers over the hob for perfect suction when needed, and finally Chloé, with its three-dimensional finish imbued with culture, history and tradition.

Mebel, the International Exhibition for Furniture, Fittings and Upholstery, is one of the world’s most important events for the interior design and furnishing sector and will be held at the new Expocenter in Moscow.

Faber looks forward to seeing you at the "Forum" Stand, FC020.

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