Faber Brings its Innovative Technology to Milan Design Week 2019

Faber Brings its Innovative Technology to Milan Design Week 2019

At this year’s Milan Design Week, Faber impressed attendees with its hoods and augmented reality tools

Always closely identified with innovation and impressive aesthetics, Faber previewed a ground-breaking new tool at the 2019 Fuorisalone, which allows customers to download 3D images of Faber extractor hoods. These images can then be inserted into visualisations of kitchen projects, making it easy to contextualise how they will look within any setting. Designed with architects, designers and end users in mind, the new tool allows buyers to select exactly the right extraction hood after studying and admiring their options from every possible angle.

Faber Brings its Innovative Technology to Milan Design Week 2019

A user friendly mobile app that makes it easy to add Faber hoods to your kitchen projects

The new interactive tool was announced on April 9 at Faber’s flagship store in Milan’s Via Pontaccio, and it allows the company from Marche to take its services to a completely new level. Now, any interested parties will be able to visualise Faber’s  ultra quiet range hoods before installation, which should be a huge benefit for interior design experts and everyday consumers alike. In fact, thanks to the app unveiled by Faber at Fuorisalone, buyers can now inhabit kitchens virtually, letting them deploy quiet cooker hoods however they wish.

The Franke Group showroom: one of the most inspiring installations at Milan Design Week

This high-tech tool was demonstrated during Milan Design Week at the showroom of Franke Group, Faber’s parent company. Franke Group created one of the highlights of the show, basing its exhibit around two key themes: being open to innovation, and pursuing sustainable design under the slogan “Air Matters”. The designers created a kind of enchanted “green” garden, bringing a touch of nature to the centre of Milan, delighting visitors with beautiful scenery and aromas which evoked the purity of mountain air.

Faber Brings its Innovative Technology to Milan Design Week 2019

Take advantage of the innovative app presented by Faber at Fuorisalone 2019

If you can’t wait to explore your own virtual kitchen, or you are just curious about the app, head over to the “3D Download” section of the Faber website. You’ll need to register for the design studio, where you can immediately start rotating and moving 3D images of our quiet extractor hood designs,

Everything is extremely easy to use. Just click or touch your smartphone screen to move around hoods like our popular Belle variety. The beauty and functionality of our hoods will become apparent before your eyes, so prepare to be enchanted. A whole new world of virtual kitchen design awaits.

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