Hob extractors: a high-performance two-in-one solution

Hob extractors: a high-performance two-in-one solution

Combining the convenience of the latest technology with the elegance of design is becoming an increasingly popular consumer trend. With this in mind, hobs with integrated hoods, also known as hob extractors, are rapidly gaining ground on the market as an excellent kitchen solution.

Created as viable alternatives to bulky traditional cooker hoods, these latest-generation devices represent an innovative, compact and versatile solution: models that combine the advanced performance of an induction hob with the essential functionality of a cooker hood in a single device, creating a new standard of style and functionality within the kitchen.

Let ‘s take a detailed look at how hob extractors work and their advantages in terms of energy efficiency, aesthetics, practicality and advanced performance.

Extraction effectiveness

By integrating a cooking top with an extraction system, hobs with integrated hoods offer an excellent combination of functionality.  Being integrated directly into the cooking surface, these extraction systems capture fumes, vapours and odours directly at the source, providing more efficient extraction than traditional hoods that have to work remotely and thus promoting better air quality in the kitchen. The maximum effectiveness of suction will depend on several factors, such as the power of the motor, the filter's collection capacity and the intelligent suction speed control provided in the most advanced models. Thanks to the auto function technology in Faber's Galileo models, the hood automatically turns on at the most suitable speed, self-adjusting according to suction needs: a system that reduces energy waste to a minimum without compromising performance.

Energy efficiency

Another important aspect to consider is energy efficiency, since hob extractors are designed for optimised energy consumption. By achieving the desired results more quickly and potentially reducing the need for prolonged operation, hobs with integrated hoods consequently promote significant energy savings during the extraction and filtering process. This not only translates into long-term cost savings for the consumer, but also a reduced environmental impact.

The latest technologies that can be found, such as energy-efficient motors and advanced filters, enable high performance and low energy consumption. Among the most efficient models on the market, Faber's Galileo NG hob extractor, thanks to its A+++ energy classification (the highest recognised efficiency) is the top of its range. Through 9 suction levels it allows the user to precisely control suction power based on contingent needs, using only the amount of energy needed and thus reducing overall energy consumption over time.

Elegant and versatile design

Hob extractors are designed to integrate harmoniously into the kitchen, offering a stylish and discreet solution for extracting fumes and vapours: their minimalist design and installation flush with the worktop creates a uniform and clean surface, contributing to a modern and sophisticated aesthetic that adds a touch of class without sacrificing the functionality of the elements. As for their stylistic versatility, there are a variety of styles and finishes to be found when choosing a hob extractor to suit different tastes and design preferences.

Adaptable to the existing décor and to one's own colour preferences with its minimalist and contemporary style, the Galileo Slim model grid, in addition to the neutral tones and more classic colours contemplated in all the hob extractors of the range, is available in five trendy colours - Dark Matt Grey, Titanium Matt, Dusty Blue Matt, Dusty Green Matt and Grey Aluminium - allowing one to opt for a shade that contrasts with or complements the dominant palette in the kitchen.

Organisation and space optimisation

Two devices combined in one ensure that there is more space available while preparing food and entertaining in the kitchen, favouring optimisation of space and greater flexibility in organising the room. Ideal for small kitchens where it is essential to make the most of every centimetre, hob extractors are also well suited to open spaces where they will help create an airy atmosphere without interrupting the visual continuity between the kitchen and living area. This is also an advantageous choice if the hob extractor is installed on an island or peninsula: compared to a visible hood, here the integrated hood has the advantage of not obstructing the view while cooking and even prevents you from banging your head. By integrating the hood with the hob and avoiding its clutter, the space above the hob can be used more rationally, for example by installing shelves, cupboards or decorative lights. On the subject of space optimisation, in Galileo hob extractors the provision of a free space underneath the waterproof and compact motor also allows the insertion of a space-saving drawer which, by integrating harmoniously with the hob, is very useful for storing utensils and kitchen accessories, freeing up the work surface.

On a final note, hob extractors are a distinctive choice for contemporary kitchens. Cutting-edge devices that, thanks to their fusion of technological innovation, sophisticated aesthetics, energy efficiency and practicality of use, not only add style and personality to the cooking space, but also guarantee superior performance and a clean and tidy environment at all times, where we can live and work with all the serenity we deserve.
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