Kitchen Organization Tips from the Experts

Kitchen Organization Tips from the Experts

Rearrange Your Kitchen With These Handy Tips

Every room in the house needs to be organised properly to allow easy access to storage and appliances, provide room to sit or relax, and to enable users to move around freely. But organisation is doubly important in the kitchen – where it’s essential to access utensils, crockery, stovetops, ovens, and extractor fans, while still maintaining an attractive, spacious feel.

At Faber Group, we create range hoods that will enhance the aesthetics of kitchens. But to enjoy their full benefit, users also need to arrange their cooking spaces in ways that make them easy to use and ergonomic. So here are some handy kitchen organization tips that we always find useful.

How to improve Kitchen Organization: Tips and ideas - Faber

Use Walls to Handle Space Constraints

If you have a small kitchen or you want to keep the actual cooking area as compact as possible, it makes sense to use the walls to store essentials. Hanging racks for pots and pans work really well (which is why they are so popular in elite restaurants), and the same applies to herbs or spices.

Racks allow you to cook more efficiently, as the utensils you need are close to hand. They free up cupboard space for ingredients, and in some cases let you do away with cupboards altogether.

Using shelves or racks has another major benefit. They allow you to remove kitchen gadgets like coffee grinders or food processors from work spaces, and store them in accessible positions. That’s much better than leaving them to clutter surfaces that should be reserved for food preparation.

Place Storage Spaces Next to your Dishwasher or Basin

In well organised kitchens, users don’t have to struggle to unload dishwashers or replace the items they use after washing in basins. Instead, drawers or racks are placed close to washing appliances, ensuring that users can restock them in seconds.

This is a time-saving idea, but it’s also safer (avoiding the risk of slippage as you walk around the kitchen). And you’ll find that there’s less need to clean up drips from poorly dried plates or pans.

How to improve Kitchen Organization: Tips and ideas - Faber

Match up Utensils and Range Hood Designs for Maximum Visual Impact

When organising kitchens, ergonomics matter, but don’t neglect the visual side of things. Choosing a designer built-in range hood from Faber’s collection will make any cooking space feel more positive and welcoming (while improving air quality in the process).

Our hoods come in various tones and styles, from downdraft hoods and island hoods, to seamlessly integrated hoods. Pair them up with utensils that match their colour scheme, and you’ll create a kitchen that is more inspirational, stylish, and enjoyable to use.  So have a look at our catalogue, and factor a premium hood into your kitchen reorganisation plans.

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