High Filtering Hood

Maximum efficiency from active carbon filters

Take a deep breath

A large filtration area plus two layers of high-efficiency filter material eliminate 95% of odour. High Filtering Hood - HFH: amazingly effective filtration from Faber.

Only Faber technology can achieve 95% efficiency in odour elimination. In Faber’s HFH system, air passes through a cylindrical filter with a far larger filtration area than conventional filters. And a bigger filtration area means more effective filtering. On top of this, Faber uses two layers of high-efficiency filter material with different pore sizes and active carbon concentrations. The first layer removes larger particles leaving the second free to deal with finer particles for maximum efficiency and effect.

Super-simple, super-silent

Maintenance is beautifully simple. Thanks to the filter unit’s cylindrical shape, removing the filter material is easy. The material itself is dishwasher compatible too. HFH filters also produce around 3 dB(A) less noise than conventional active carbon filters. And when it comes to versatility, you can find an elegant, stylish and easy-to-install HFH kit for most Faber hoods.


Superb extraction through an invisible duct

Steam Off System

Banishing steam from the kitchen


Cutting consumption and boosting efficiency

Sil & Still

Pure silence every day


Save energy and help keep the atmosphere clean