Faber quality means total quality.

At Faber, technology, design and quality serve only one purpose: our products. We use our unique experience and unrivalled know-how to control every aspect of the production process. Faber quality means total quality. It can be seen, heard and felt in every single part. The quality of life depends on it.


Needless to say, Faber was the first kitchen hood manufacturer in Italy to obtain certification to ISO 9001.

Today, our Integrated Quality, Safety and Environmental Management System is certified by SGS to ISO 9001:2000, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001.

We also hold the first Certificate of Excellent ever to be issued by SGS: certificate number 001.


Faber has always led the field in automation, robotics, information technology and total quality.

Our in-depth understanding of materials, applications and production processes, and of how they impact people and the planet, enhances the quality of everything we do and turns our experience into a science.


Today, everybody talks about technology and research as ways of developing innovative solutions and competitive advantages. So do we, but with a difference… For us it’s not just about objectives.

It’s a mission, a duty and a commitment to improve the quality of life in the kitchen.