Faber at Fuorisalone 2022

Faber at Fuorisalone 2022

Brimming with more projects, news and exhibition spaces than ever before, the curtain is raising on the 60th edition of the Milan International Furniture Fair 2022. Postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic, this year the event will take place from 7th to 12th June. Proud to be celebrating this important anniversary, the Fair has decided to put the spotlight on the themes of sustainability and beauty. As a pivotal event and global reference point for the design industry, the Fair will provide a stage to showcase all the latest proposals in line with these themes and the progress made in this direction by creators, designers and businesses.

In parallel with the main event, from 6th to 12th June Milan will also be hosting the much-awaited Fuorisalone 2022, a combination of several events held in different parts of the city at the same time as the Furniture Fair. Entitled "Between Space and Time: Innovative visions to inspire change and imagine a new future", the project's different events focus on the dimensions of Space and Time as useful variables to assess our impact on the planet. This topic will be called upon to serve as a source of reflection and inspiration for participants, who will play their best cards in the streets and showrooms of Milan. Exhibitions, fairs, installations and product launches.

Franke & Faber at Fuorisalone

In perfect step with this year's theme, Fuorisalone will present many innovations in the domains of technology and household appliances, closely linked to issues such as the quality and improvement of indoor life, product innovation and research and development of new materials.

A cornerstone of Franke and Faber, innovation will be the basis of the "Explore your future" project. The name was chosen to present their showroom at Fuorisalone 2022's Brera Design District and submitted to the event's concept proposal for both Franke and Faber. The project aims to share new creative solutions capable of changing and renewing the landscape of home living and adding value to our lives in the very near future.

Infused with a pioneering spirit, animated by great dreams and confident of achieving them, Franke & Faber welcome the challenge of shaping our tomorrow. This goal will be achieved through innovative methods that will set new standards for our lives, paying particular attention to environmental protection, a recurring priority throughout the brand's history. A project focused on advanced integrated systems, that can offer consumers the best possible experience in the fields of food preparation and cooking, as well as water sanitation and air purification, thanks to the skills and expertise gained.

These methods find their highest expression in Franke and Faber's flagship products, on display at the showroom in Via Pontaccio 18, from 10 AM to 8 PM. The venue will welcome architects, interior designers, journalists, bloggers, business partners and consumers throughout the entire week of the event.  An undertaking made all the more engaging by the presence of dedicated areas, redesigned specially for Fuorisalone by means of graphic and digital solutions created on the basis of the suggested theme and of a daring reimagining of the existing space, in view of the specialty of the event. Reserved for business partners is the customer event scheduled at Terrazza Palestro on the evening of 9 June, with a tour of the showroom followed by a dedicated dinner.

Fuorisalone 2022: Faber's innovative Air Hub concept

With a view to showcasing  its legacy as specialist in  air treatment and purification, Faber will present its products from the range  AIR HUB at  Fuorisalone 2022 : a completely new concept that, quite unlike any other, incorporates its double function in a single object. AIR HUB is, in fact, an integrated solution able to combine the energy of UV-C light with the suction power of a T-shape hood, thereby eliminating viruses and bacteria that may be present in the air, and in addition eliminating fumes, odours and vapours generated in the kitchen during food preparation.

The flagship product of the Air Hub range by Faber, to be displayed at the exhibition during Design Week 2022, is the brand new Air Hub Portable, a mobile purifier offering cutting-edge solutions for high quality air in homes, thanks to the exclusive 4x4 Tech technology, combining 4  filtration steps and 4 UV-C lamps. Equally futuristic are the models  Air Hub T-Shape in the double version 60/90 cm Glass Touch Control and 90/60 cm Full Metal and the latest innovation, Air Hub Vertical Full Glass, whose launch on the market is scheduled for June: developed in the Marche region brand, they are intended as decor accessories, with their modern and attractive aesthetic and perfectly integrated design that also saves space.

The future is already here.

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