How to unlock your induction hob: tips and tricks

How to unlock your induction hob: tips and tricks

Daily use can lead to wear and tear and consequent breakage of some elements of your induction hob: here are the main causes and some tips on how to unlock it safely and effectively.


Induction hobs are among the most important appliances in your kitchen: any disruption and malfunction will definitely inconvenience your daily life. Your hob might get locked or not turn on, whether in its entirety or in just some of its burners.
First of all, ascertain whether the locking is electrical in nature or if it is linked to some automatic element of the induction system.
The following are just some simple tips and tricks. If technical repairs are required, perhaps related to the malfunction of the electronic board, we advise you to contact a professional. Remember that induction hobs run on electricity: an expert is always the best person to call!

Locked induction hob causes and solutions

Touchscreen recognition malfunction can occur due to substance leakage on the keyboard: in this case cleaning your hob with a specific detergent and a microfibre cloth will suffice. Some induction hob models have a child safety mode, which can also be identified as a button lock: if the hob does not turn on, this lock may have been activated accidentally. Consult the user manual to find how to unlock it safely.
Your induction hob could also be unable to "recognize" the cookware in question: make sure it is made of iron or stainless steel, or in alternative place an adapter between it and the hob. If the controls still do not work and your hob is stuck, try disconnecting the power for 30 minutes, then turn it back on and try again. This reset is usually enough to solve the problem.

Induction hob with power limiter, a Faber plus

To avoid liquid leakage on your hob, you can opt for Galileo Smart by Faber, which stands out for its waterproof technology: spilled liquids will not interfere with cooking since they get collected in a small separate compartment. Last but not least, this induction hob with integrated hood is equipped with a power limiter that allows you to adjust current absorption on four different levels.

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