Space, efficiency and design: all the advantages of a hob with integrated hood

Space, efficiency and design: all the advantages of a hob with integrated hood

The perfect solution for anyone who wants the convenience of the latest technology without compromising on refined and elegant design in the kitchen, the new hob-integrated hood (otherwise known as hob extractor) models are gaining increasing popularity among consumers.

These latest-generation models were created as viable alternatives to bulky traditional cooker hoods and are compact and versatile appliances that combine the advantages of an induction hob and those of a cooker hood in a single product, creating a truly new lifestyle in the kitchen.

So let's see how a hob extractor works and what are its benefits in terms of efficiency,  aesthetics and practicality .

How a hob extractor works

A hob with an integrated hood combines the features of a traditional hob with a built-in extractor hood, which is usually located in the centre of the hob between the cooking zones. This means that during cooking, fumes, vapours and odours are extracted directly from the cooking surface through the integrated hood. As a result, there is no need to install a separate wall-mounted hood, ultimately freeing up valuable kitchen space and offering an undeniably more discreet and elegant solution that allows greater ease of use between the cooking zones.

Efficiency and effectiveness of suction

As the integrated hood is positioned directly in the middle of the cooking zone, it sucks in fumes more efficiently than conventional hoods. The proximity between the hood and the cooker hob means that fumes are captured more quickly and completely, ensuring better air quality inside the kitchen, which ultimately means greater extraction efficiency and fewer odours and cooking residues. The most advanced models of hob extractors also include the presence of an automatic air sensor which automatically regulates the extraction system.

This is the case of the latest series by  Faber, a 2-in-1 solution that stands out for its efficiency and truly amazing performance. Here the hood switches on automaticallyat the most suitable speed, adapting the suction capacity to the maximum cooking level: this plus is guaranteed also by the inclusion of an extra powerful setting of the extractor hood, intended for special cooking requirements, which allows the extraction to be increased, neutralising even the most persistent odours.

Easy cleaning

The hob extractor makes cleaningconsiderably easier . Since fumes and residues are extracted directly from the cooking area, the hood captures most of the fats and food particles, preventing them from settling on surrounding surfaces. In addition, most integrated hoods are also equipped with removable grease filters which are dishwasher safe, making cleaning a quick and convenient process. Cleaning is particularly easy in the Galileo Smart and Galileo NG models by Faber in which the flush design of the suction grille means that there are no gaps in which dirt can settle. To remove dirt, just use a simple cloth and you're done!


This type of hob offers greater versatility in kitchen design, and can also be perfectly integrated into island kitchens, as a central element that is becoming increasingly popular in made-to-measure kitchens.

Facedwith the need for modern kitchens to stylishly combine furniture and appliances in a single design concept, the arrival on the market of Galileo SMART A60 by Faber was a welcome innovation: with a width of 60 cm it is compatible with any kitchen, while bringing together the latest in induction cooking technology. Specially designed to occupy very little space even in height, it also allows the insertion of a convenient drawer for storing utensils and cutlery just below the hood.

Energy saving

The hob extractor also contributes to energy saving. Thanks to its proximity to the cooking area, the hood extracts fumes and vapours more efficiently, minimising heat dispersion and the energy required for ventilation.

The energy savings are even more significant in the Galileo NG and Galileo SMART hob extractor by Faber, due to the reliability of the respectively A++ and A+++ energy class and its exclusive brushless  motor, one of the quietest on the market: this results in a more efficient use of energy and lower overall consumption.

Elegant and discreet design

One of the main advantages of the hob extractor is its elegant and discreet design that offers a touch of class without compromising on functionality. Compared to traditional hoods, which are often bulky and can detract from the overall appareance of the kitchen, in this case the integrated hood blends harmoniously with the hob, giving the kitchen a cleaner, more modern look.

What really makes the difference in this sense is the very latest hob Galileo Glass hob extractor by Faber: distinguished by the precision of its finish, the touch slider controls in polished glass, the matt glass cooking zone and the grill with detail in glass. More than any other appliance, it adds a touch of harmony to the entire kitchen design.


The hob extractor represents an innovative solution for modern kitchens. Offering significant advantages in terms of efficiency, suction effectiveness, ease of cleaning, versatility, energy saving and elegant design, it is establishing itself as an indispensable choice for those who wish to make this part of the home more functional, stylish and modern.

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