At what height should a cooker hood be mounted?

At what height should a cooker hood be mounted?

In the world of kitchens, inhabited by a symphony of flavours and fragrances, a cooker hood is a key element in ensuring an efficient, healthy and comfortable environment. A recurring question troubles home cooks and culinary professionals alike: at what height should a cooker hood be mounted?

In this article, we will take a closer look at the subject in order to give a comprehensive answer to this question, examining the regulations in force, the different types of kitchen and the main precautions not to be overlooked during and after the installation of a hood. 

What the regulations say

Before diving into the issue of what is the optimal hood height, it is essential to understand the current legislation. In some countries, there are regulations that govern the installation of cooker hoods, established to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the appliance. Usually, current regulations require a hood to be installed at a height of between 45  and 65 centimetres from the hob. Smaller distances could even prove to be dangerous: the hood filter, which is often impregnated with oils and fats, could catch fire if it is not positioned at a safe distance from the cooker. The range set by law ensures that the hood effectively captures vapours and odours from the kitchen without interfering with cooking.

How does an electric or gas hob influence the decision?

Another aspect to consider is the type of hob you have in your home, as electric hobs may require slightly different hood height adjustments compared to gas hobs. Gas hobs produce heat and open flames, so it is important that the cooker hood is positioned in such a way as to capture harmful vapours and prevent possible accidents. Therefore, the height of the cooker hood must be at least 75 cm for gas hobs. For electric or induction hobs the minimum distance of 65 cm applies, but if they provide a larger cooking area, it may be necessary to position the hood at a slightly higher height to give complete coverage.

An atypical case: kitchens with an island

Kitchens with a central island or peninsula are becoming increasingly popular in modern homes, as they are an ideal addition to open-plan spaces, where the kitchen and living room merge together to make better use of the space available. Mounting a cooker hood over a kitchen island, however,  presents us with a particular challenge: in this case, the cooker hood must be installed directly above the island itself...but at what height should the hood be mounted on the ceiling? Contrary to the opinion of some, it is advisable to avoid a higher installation, and not only for reasons of practicality: for obvious structural reasons, suction performance may actually be compromised. 

Amongst the new ceiling offerings introduced in 2023 by Faber, the Heaven Dual Light is a ceiling hood of energy class A+.  In addition to its numerous functions - brushless, K-Link, intensive speed, perimeter aspiration, filter alarm, and remote control, it also boasts the Faber Cloud, with which you can adjust its main settings at any time, even from your mobile phone, thanks to the dedicated app. Available in stainless steel and white glass and featuring a double LED lighting with adjustable brightness, it is a device capable of elevating your kitchen space in terms of both aesthetics and functionality. 

Each model has its own height

Regardless of the general guidelines, you will need to refer to the specific model to determine the right height for each cooker hood. To find out the optimal height of a cooker hood in terms of safety and performance, we therefore recommend that you always consult the instruction manual enclosed with the product.

Hood Installation: how to proceed correctly

Fitting a cooker hood is a delicate process that requires attention to detail. Ideally, a professional technician should be engaged to check the specifications of the air inlet and outlet, as well as the electrical system for the necessary connections, following an inspection. If you really want to go it alone, we advise you to carefully follow the manufacturer's instructions and use the appropriate tools

Checking after assembly: a crucial step for safety

Another important step is to carry out a post-installation check to ensure that the system is working properly and satisfactorily. Checking that the hood is securely fixed to the wall or ceiling is crucial for safety. These tips should be kept in mind whether you have opted for a 60 cm under-cabinet filter hood or whether you want to install a 90 cm wall-mounted extractor hood. The design, measurements and technologies may vary, but the basic rules remain the same for each model. 

If properly installed with the right measurements, a cooker hood will become a reliable companion that allows you to devote yourself to creating culinary delights, dining, and relaxing - whether alone or in company - without having to worry about unwanted odours or the health of your home environment. 

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