Christmas Decorations Diy: add festive spirit to your kitchen with original decorations!

Christmas Decorations Diy: add festive spirit to your kitchen with original decorations!

Christmas decorations for a warm, welcoming kitchen

It happens every year! Drop your guard for a minute and Christmas is upon you! In addition to preparing presents for family, friends and colleagues, decorating your home inside and out is one of the must-do tasks for the weeks leading up to the big day. And where best to start if not in the favourite room of young and old, where the whole family enjoys Christmas breakfasts, lunches and dinners? Here are some simple ways to add a festive touch to your kitchen, so why not follow our suggestions and make your own decorations this Christmas!

Quick and easy ideas for DIY Xmas decorations

Not even your kitchen should be without the season’s favourite symbol, the Christmas tree. Place a small tree in silver, gold or red with green accents on a kitchen worktop or shelf. Alongside, you can arrange glass jars filled with baubles of the same colours. And don’t forget the windows! Decorate your kitchen windows with garlands of readily available natural items, painted with spray or acrylic paint. Pine cones, branches, berries and moss are great materials for expressing your creativity.

How to prepare the table for Christmas

Another eye-catching idea is to mould salt dough into traditional Christmas shapes like snowmen, church bells, reindeers and presents. You can even use these as place markers for the Christmas Eve dinner or the big meal on Christmas Day. And talking about properly decorated tables, colours are the first thing you need to think about. Decide whether to focus on red, white and green or blue and silver. Don’t forget that gold goes beautifully with red and white. Let your imagination do the rest!

Preventing unpleasant odours in your Christmas kitchen

So now you’ve decorated your cooking area ready for the season’s lunches and dinners? In that case, all that’s left is the hood! Discover the many DIY ways of eliminating unpleasant odours from the kitchen but don’t forget the vital part that only advanced technology can play, especially that of Faber, the leader in domestic air filtration. All the advantages of High Filtering Hood technology, including 95% filtration efficiency and a noise reduction of around 3 decibels compared to conventional active carbon filter hoods, are at your disposal to make Christmas even more special.

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