Finding the right wall-mounted cooker hood for your kitchen - Advantages and features

Finding the right wall-mounted cooker hood for your kitchen - Advantages and features

An essential appliance, cooker hoods can also bring a dash of class to your kitchen: suspended or built-in, modern, classic or contemporary, they should always be chosen with the utmost care. Wall-mounted hoods are some of the most popular options

When choosing your cooker hood, you should always consider its aesthetic and features, as well as ease of use and installation. If you have a gas hob, you will need a good extractor fan that can expel fumes and combustion residue outside by way of a ducting system. If you cannot install the ducting, you can opt for a recirculating hood: they do not release the air outside, but purify it using activated carbon filters. Between built-in, suspended and island hoods, there are a lot of options out there: many of the most popular choices are wall-mounted hoods. This type of hood should be as wide as or wider than the hob, never narrower. The height, however, depends on the length of the ducting to evacuate fumes.

The most modern hoods are set apart by their innovation, created to satisfy even the most diverse needs in terms of space, design and practicality. Some cutting-edge wall hoods are even equipped with systems to monitor the air quality and regulate the extraction of polluting allergens and odours. In the most advanced models, this home air quality check can be carried out at any time from anywhere, using apps that connect your wall-mounted hood to your smartphone.

Wall-mounted hoods are also often designed for silence: many models on the market allow the motor to be installed far from the hood, thereby reducing the noise in the kitchen. The most innovative units also utilise the Venturi effect, a physics principle that allows you to perceive up to 25% less noise: the extracted air accelerates when entering the smaller suction surface and immediately decelerates once it is inside, thus speeding up expulsion and decreasing annoying sounds. Many wall-mounted hoods can be adjusted via a remote control, while the use of LED lighting reduces energy consumption and provides better lighting to ensure visibility across the entire cooking area. Some models include a timed intensive extraction system, which activates maximum suction for a limited time to meet specific needs during cooking; certain hoods also have an automatic shutdown feature, which allows you to postpone when the motor switches off to completely eliminate residual odours.

Faber: a wide range of wall-mounted hoods
New technologies are born from a desire for constant innovation and improvement, making cooking an increasingly engaging and relaxing experience: Faber's cooker hoods are designed to eliminate condensation, bad smells and noise. The wall-mounted options are characterised by their ease of use and assembly, as well as their advanced technological performance, combined with next-generation finishes to create sophisticated and extraordinary designs. Faber's hoods are created to satisfy every need in terms of features, aesthetics and practicality.

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