Induction grills - which ones to choose? Models and features

Induction grills - which ones to choose? Models and features

Maybe you love grilled foods, or you simply want to cook in a healthy and natural way: this is when grill pans come into play. And, if you have an induction hob, no worries: here are some tips!

Grills are essential in the kitchen. Practical and quick, they are perfect for those who do not want to give up a good home-cooked meat, vegetable or fish dish with no seasoning. Most models on the market are dishwasher safe, easy to store and always ready to go. But which ones to choose? Which are the best grills for an induction hob kitchen? The first and most important induction grill requirement is the presence of the 6 mm thick Premium Induction bottom; secondly, a high-quality aluminum die-casting as a main grill constituent element. The aforementioned characteristics are a guarantee of excellent cooking performance, speed, correct heat distribution over the entire surface and healthy food preparation.

Other important elements are non-stick coating and Teflon reinforcement, both designed to work correctly on induction hobs. This combined technology also allows for greater ease when cleaning and durability.
The duration of the guarantee should not be underestimated either: it must be of at least 5 years and, above all, it must cover the non-stick properties of the induction grill - something typical of induction hobs themselves. This feature is usually determined by a non-deformable bottom in steel and aluminum. Reputable producers usually assure the safety of the materials in contact with food, which must be free from the risks related to harmful substances such as cadmium, lead, and PFOA.
To wrap things up, all of the above are characteristics of excellent induction grills, so that they can ensure strength, high cooking performance and durability.

Grilling in the kitchen? Sure, but with excellent suction
Meat or fish, vegetables and cheese: the pleasure of a nice home barbecue, thanks to induction grill pans. But in order not to spoil this pleasure, you need to extract fumes and smells as much as possible: the Galileo NG hob-integrated hood by Faber is perfect for the job. Thanks to careful fluid dynamics studies, Galileo stands out from the competition for its high collection capacity, up to 6.6 meters per second. In a few minutes, even the most persistent cooking vapors and odors are eliminated. In addition, the top surface is smooth and seamless, allowing you to remove dirt in just one swipe. The cast iron grill can be easily cleaned with a degreaser, while the grease filter is dishwasher safe. Finally, if a carbon filter is installed, it can be easily regenerated in the oven.

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