Choose a vintage cooker hood or steel cooker hood for a more contemporary design

Choose a vintage cooker hood or steel cooker hood for a more contemporary design

Whether it’s retro or steel, the important thing is that the vintage cooker hood is stylish and utilizes the latest technology.

Over the years, kitchens have evolved from rooms dedicated to food preparation to multipurpose living spaces. Despite this, the most important room in any home is often anchored to timeless styles and memories.

Increasingly, cooker hoods are being utilized to do far more than simply extract fumes, smells and moisture. As well as protecting furnishings and our health, they’re installed to provide kitchens with striking design effects.

The traditional aesthetic, in fact, never goes out of fashion. While technology moves and the latest generation hoods become more efficient, the classic design principles remain more or less the same. A classic hood with wood finishes, for example, is ideal for a retro country-style home — giving it harmony and warmth.

There are some vintage and retro cooker hoods that are just too difficult to resist. Their intricate lines and decorative features always enhance rustic kitchens rich in masonry-based design elements. Some also offer recesses for displaying your most precious possessions — allowing you to create a shabby chic style.

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A hood in copper, cast iron or brass: material finishes, balanced between tradition and modernity that speak of yesterday

Imagine that you’re stood in one of those kitchens of bygone years — where the housewives were surrounded by aromas from boiling pots, and by furnishings that characterised harsher times. With these brass, copper and antique iron hoods, you can create some conviviality. You can combine today’s technology with yesterday’s aesthetic.

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How to furnish a classic kitchen with modern hoods

As the most recent and inspired examples of interior design demonstrate, the trend of furnishing classic kitchens with modern accessories is becoming increasingly popular — especially when extraordinary and innovative appliances offer an extra level of aesthetic charm. Among these appliances are reversed T-shaped hoods with steel finishes, whose clean shapes promise to create appealing contrasts with all your wooden surfaces.

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Feel like glamour? Light up your classic kitchen with an island hood

One last idea for those who love modernised classic kitchens is to embellish their dining room with a fixture that bases its suction function with various lighting techniques. We recommend Chloè XL Isola, which, like other Faber hoods, magnificently combines technology and classic aesthetics.

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