House guests and indoor air - How to purify the air and make rooms safe

House guests and indoor air - How to purify the air and make rooms safe

After a seemingly endless of period of being unable to host friends and relatives in our homes due to the pandemic and the measures it necessitated, we have all realised the value of one habit in particular: being able to open our doors and turn our homes into spaces for conviviality and sharing, which we can now do once again.

This return to normality, while welcome, brings with it new considerations, encouraging us to pay greater attention to the purification of the air in shared environments and the precautions we should take to avoid unhealthy consequences of indoor gatherings. Additional precautions are added to the desire to guarantee our guests a pleasant and healthy environment that is free from the presence of pollutants and harmful substances.

So, let's see how we can purify the air in our homes and make the various rooms safer in the presence of our guests.

Get-togethers with friends: how to defend against viruses and bacteria

The days are getting shorter, the first autumn showers have started, and the football season has restarted... what better moment to make our homes the perfect place for sharing the joys and sorrows of our favourite team with our friends?

On these carefree occasions, however, we must not forget that along with enthusiasm and warmth, viruses and bacteria can also circulate in our living rooms. Categories of biological pollutants that are among the main causes of indoor pollution, account for about 1/3 of all living organisms in the air. They can be transported by infected people, as well as animals and debris from soil and plants, and tend to proliferate much more easily in closed environments containing multiple individuals. This spread often cannot be prevented merely by encouraging the exchange of air in the rooms in question, or by maintaining a 'safe distance' between people; it requires the targeted and systematic action of an air purifier.

It is precisely in situations like this that the advanced technology of Faber's Air Hub Portable air purifier comes into play, making a decisive contribution to the healthiness of the environment shared with the group of friends. Thanks to the combined action of the 4 UV-C lamps, coupled with its 4 filtering stages, Air Hub is able to guarantee the destruction of up to 99.99% of viruses and bacteria that may be present in the air without producing ozone. It thus lowers the risk of transmitting infections of various kinds, making the living room a safe and protected environment in which to enjoy relaxing moments together with our guests.

Sunday lunch with the family: how to purify the air in the kitchen

A day of the week traditionally devoted to more relaxed lunches with dishes that are a little more elaborate than usual, Sunday is the perfect occasion for informal get-togethers with parents, in-laws, brothers, sisters and brothers-in-law.    A familiarity that often finds its ideal setting in eat-in kitchens, which, increasingly common in our homes, are cosy and convivial settings without 'committing' too much either guests or hosts.

In this case, however, we must not forget that the quality of the air we allow our guests to breathe, in addition to being threatened by dust, pollen, bacteria and atmospheric particulate matter, can also be affected by fumes and bad smells from cooking food. So how can we purify the kitchen air from the effluvia caused by frying fish or vegetables with a pungent aroma before our guests knock on the door?

The good news is that today there are devices that can decisively contribute to the purification of air in the kitchen, giving us air that is thoroughly pleasant - even in "risky" environments, such as those used for cooking as well as family dinners.

A function perfectly fulfilled by Faber's Galileo NG integrated hood, which manages to combine in a practical, efficient and functional way the two functions of extractor hood and hob in a single appliance. An excellent performance is ensured by the use of advanced technology: thanks to its automatic ignition at the most suitable speed, a suction capacity adapted to the highest cooking level and the provision of the additional Double Intensive function, Galileo NG allows us to neutralise even seemingly 'invincible' odours while cooking.           In the blink of an eye, the air in the kitchen will be purified and the only scent in your house will be that of the flowers brought by your kind guests.

Holiday guests: how to purify the air in the bedroom

The perfect time to invite friends to spend carefree days under the same roof, such as in a beach or mountain house, holidays are the perfect time to share a space.             This pleasure, however, requires the adoption of certain rules of behaviour to ensure that our guests can feel at ease in a clean and 'detoxified' bedroom setting.

In addition to dust and chemicals released by household cleaning products, during the night, our breathing actually tends to increase the percentage of humidity and CO2. The air our guests breathe will affect the quality of their sleep and, consequently, their state of wellbeing when they wake up.

Airing the room, not using aggressive detergents, and deep cleaning (with sanitisation of mattresses, blankets and pillows) before the arrival of guests are undoubtedly good measures, but they may not be enough to protect guests from the consequences of pollution in the bedroom. To ensure the greatest possible filtration of all polluting particles (mould, dust mites, smoke and dust) and other irritating substances, and to guarantee a healthy night's sleep, you should consider an air purifier  capable of sucking in that stale air, freeing it of impurities through a filtering system, and releasing it back into the environment thoroughly decontaminated.

An action performed masterfully by Air Hub Portable by Faber. Thanks to the HEPA filter (a high-efficiency filter capable of trapping 99.97% of fine dust that is not visible to the human eye), this device is able to act decisively against allergens that cause respiratory problems during the night, especially for those with asthma and allergic problems. It favours a continuous exchange of the air we breathe and ensures that our guests sleep soundly. Air Hub Portable also features the special ultra-quiet night cycle, which, combined with the automatic function, makes it a comfortable and discreet device. The only risk is...that your guests won't want to leave!

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