Quiet cooker hoods: Discover technology that makes your kitchen silent

Quiet cooker hoods: Discover technology that makes your kitchen silent

Noisy oven hoods can ruin the peace and quiet of your home. Explore Faber’s solutions to excessive kitchen noise.

Enjoy every aspect of your kitchen with quiet cooker hoods

Hoods are essential, extracting fumes and cooking vapours, and ensuring efficient air exchange. On the other hand, they can create plenty of noise. That’s where Faber’s hoods excel. Faber are synonymous with quality and technological innovation, and the active noise reduction technology used in our oven hoods can make a big difference to a buyers’ quality of life. With these oven hoods, there will be no conflict between the performance of your oven and the quality of your domestic environment. In fact, the acoustic technology in our ovens is capable of reducing noise levels by up to 13 decibels, transforming any kitchen into a welcoming, peaceful place to be – even when the extractor hood is operating.

The many advantages of using silent oven hoods

Silent oven hoods make a huge contribution to your quality of life in numerous ways. Most importantly, they guarantee an optimal level of hearing comfort, while helping to maintain impressive performance in terms of suction and air purification. Anyone relaxing near them won’t be hampered by excessive background noise, making social interactions more enjoyable, while their low noise levels allow you to use these hoods late into the night if needed. Thanks to Faber’s advanced technology, our hoods can deliver big reductions in energy consumption as well, making ovens cheaper to run.

Active noise reduction: How to neutralise the noise of an extractor hoods

Our innovative active noise reduction systems use integrated microphones to monitor noise, electronic processors to create complementary waveforms, and speakers that emit carefully crafted reverse waves. With that mix of technology, they can effectively neutralise the sound made by kitchen range hoods. Some of Faber’s silent hoods also incorporate our ingenious Sil-K ACT noise reduction technology. Completely integrated into our wall-mounted Infinity and Jolie hoods, Sil-K ACT systems reduce noise pollution through advanced sound manipulation and powerful, but almost silent motors. If all of this sounds appealing to you, explore the extensive selection of kitchen accessories from Faber spa today and revolutionise your kitchen. Whether you are seeking a quiet extractor hood or ultra-quiet range hoods, Faber have the products you need.

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