Find your perfect induction kettle: models and features

Find your perfect induction kettle: models and features

A hot cup of tea nestled in your armchair, a relaxing herbal tea before you go to sleep... A really good kettle will fill your days with warmth! And if you have an induction hob, we have some suggestions to help you find your perfect induction kettle.

The story goes that the earliest kettles originated in ancient Mesopotamia, although researchers aren't sure if they were actually used to boil water. Iron kettles—which were definitely used to obtain boiling water—were found in 16th-century China and Europe, and the electric kettle was invented in 1891 by the Carpenter Electric Company of Chicago, although it did take about 12 minutes to actually boil the water. Nowadays, we can choose from a wide range of electric kettles, as well as kettles for gas cookers and induction hobs.

But how can you find your perfect induction kettle? What are the main features that set them apart? First and foremost, you should think quality: the materials make all the difference in ensuring a great cup of tea or herbal brew.
The market offers a selection of iron and steel kettles: the iron versions are often cheaper and retain heat for longer, as they cool more slowly. Stainless steel, on the other hand, is more durable, longer-lasting, comes at a higher cost, and allows manufacturers to create more attractive designs.
One factor to bear in mind is the flat base on which the kettle sits: the best material is copper, which is typically used to make the central disc. It is an essential part of any induction kettle.
The design is also important: usually spherical or very rounded in shape, there are also beautiful induction kettles with more refined silhouettes, such as the Japanese-inspired designs. A signature element of every kettle, the handle must be ergonomic and practical, since water is handled at high temperatures; it should be made from special heat-resistant materials that do not break or warp.
Finally, maintenance: induction kettles should be easy to wash, with no folds or corners where tea residue can build up, designed to safely go through the dishwasher.

A hob and extractor fan in a single unit
The Galileo Smart features an extractor fan built into the hob: it speeds up the boiling process and stops the kitchen from filling with steam. Practically invisible and extremely functional, it combines a hob and an extractor fan in a single aesthetically pleasing product, completely flush with the worktop. And if the kettle overflows, no problem: the Galileo is also set apart by its waterproof technology. Any spills do not interfere with cooking, and are instead collected in a strategically designed compartment.

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