The everlasting appeal of wooden kitchens

The everlasting appeal of wooden kitchens

A guide to modern wooden kitchens

A dynamic material imbued with the complex heritage of living growth that offers both flexibility and versatility, wood has always dominated the world of furniture. Its range encompasses everything from the raw and rustic to the treated and lacquered effect. Its use naturally connects the mind to country house kitchens, from chalets to hill-top houses, where robust fittings are framed by wide solid-wood surfaces of oak or ash. However, contemporary designers have also taken up the challenge of this age-old house material and rendered it in completely new forms and styles, offering up everything from the linear to the minimalist. Here at Faber, the traditional timber furniture kitchen has been blended and enhanced with the design ethos of the modern age.


The curious blend of vulnerability and durability in a wooden kitchen

It is no mere accident that timber furniture kitchens have remained a staple choice of homeowners down throughout the centuries and irrespective of geographical location. Timber kitchen cabinets offer an irresistible blend of durability, an imposing façade and the benefit of easy repair. As a living, breathing material, wood is both vulnerable and yet, in many ways, offers its own unique resistance to everyday damage. Vulnerable to the effects of humidity and water absorption, it can also be reshaped and repaired using a number of methods readily available on the market. Also, while not being as resistant to dents and gouges as metal surfaces, wooden furniture can be refaced and resurfaced with minimum effort. Though a wooden kitchen naturally requires consistent maintenance, it is that very investment of time and effort that can help forge a connection between proud homeowners and their timber installations.


The recurring trend of white and wood kitchens

If you want to create an original mix between past and future styles of home decor, a modern white kitchen blended with wood can offer great impact. The combination of natural wood with a neutral and luminous colour such as white, whether that be a marble, stone, natural fibre or synthetic finish, imbibes surfaces with a sophisticated kind of brilliance, one that can be further enhanced by combining it with strategically placed LED lighting.


A touch of functional class: the wooden hood for kitchens

Perhaps you have not considered it yet, but the possibility of adding a rustic wooden hood to your kitchenette is a wonderful decorative idea that is also immensely practical. Discover the selection of refined Faber wooden kitchen hoods and choose the solution that best fits the design of your favourite room!

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