A Fenix kitchen: an elegant and durable solution for your home

A Fenix kitchen: an elegant and durable solution for your home

Considered, with good reason, as the heart of our homes, kitchens today are a convivial space in which to spend the most pleasant and precious moments of day-to-day domestic life. Be it large or small, near or far from the living area, it is not simply a place to prepare meals, but an increasingly flexible and multifunctional space. A welcoming and informal area where you can share flavours, exchange family chit-chat, take refuge on those sleepless nights and chill out with your best pals over a plate of pasta or a glass of wine.

When choosing kitchen fittings, therefore, it is more important than ever to choose the right materials; something suitable both aesthetically and in terms of durability and ease of cleaning. One of the latest innovations to meet these criteria is  Fenix: modern, elegant and functional, it is a perfect blend of design, practicality and advanced technology.

In this article, we will look at what Fenix is, what the characteristics are that distinguish it from other materials for kitchens, the best ways to keep it clean and fresh over time and how hoods in Fenix can add elegance and functionality to our  cooking experience.

What is Fenix?

A completely new material in the world of kitchens, Fenix is a thermosetting laminate, composed of acrylic resins and thermoplastic polymers that, together, give the surface an extraordinary opaque, velvety and surprisingly soft touch . Available in a wide range of colours and finishes, it offers multiple customisation options to suit different decor styles.

Features of Fenix kitchens

Synonymous with superior quality, Fenix represents an ideal choice for creating kitchen surfaces, offering numerous advantages over more commonly-used materials.

Here are some of the features that make Fenix kitchens really special:

  • Scratch and abrasion resistance — Thanks to its compact molecular structure, Fenix is highly resistant to scratches and day-to-day wear. One of its main peculiarities consists in what we call “thermal self-repair”: when exposed to a heat source, it regenerates, just like the famous Arab Phoenix from which it takes its If you happen to scratch the surface of a Fenix top with a knife or fork, bear in mind that the scratch can be made to vanish simply by applying heat.
  • Fingerprint protection — With kitchens in Fenix, annoying fingerprints are a thing of the past: the material is fingerprint resistant so that the surface is always clean and flawless.
  • Low water absorption capacity — Designed to resist stains caused by common liquids such as coffee, oil and juice, with its low absorbency the Fenix makes cleaning up an easy task.
  • Antibacterial and anti-mould properties — Ideal for direct contact with food, the material has antibacterial and anti-mould properties which help maintain hygiene and freshness in the kitchen area.
  • Captivating aesthetics — The low light reflectance of this material results in opaque surfaces with intense and deep colours, perfect for modern environments but that also combine well with wood and more classic materials.
  • Long-lasting — Resistant to shocks and abrasion as well as to heat damage, if well treated, a kitchen in Fenix can last over 50 years .

How to clean a Fenix kitchen

Keeping your Fenix kitchen clean and shiny is really child's play.

Here are some tips for cleaning and proper care:

  • Daily cleaning — To keep your Fenix surface clean simply use a soft microfibre cloth and a neutral detergent, diluted in water. Gently wipe the surface with the cloth to remove dust, crumbs and surface stains.
  • Stubborn stains — In the case of stubborn stains, it is recommended to use a solution of water and diluted ammonia. Apply the solution to the stain, leave it to act for a few moments and then rinse with clean water.

It is recommended to avoid abrasive chemicals, rough sponges or metal scourers which could damage the Fenix surface; delicate detergents and soft cloths are preferable.

Hoods in Fenix: a perfect blend of style and functionality

Besides kitchen surfaces, Fenix is also an excellent and elegant material for extractor hoods: the focal point of any modern and sophisticated kitchen area, hoods in Fenix offer a series of advantages that make them a valuable addition to the room.

A top-of-the-range example of this is the Soft Line hoods range by Faber: with a matte and velvety finish, the range is available in a wide range of colours and finishes, allowing you to combine one perfectly with your kitchen, in whatever style suits best. Designed to offer powerful suction, these hoods quickly eliminate vapour, fumes and odours when cooking thanks to the presence of high-quality filters that help improve the air quality in the kitchen .

All sharing a minimalist aesthetic with clean lines and excellent suction performance, the 3 new models of Fenix hoods included in the  Softline range all offer an elegant and functional extraction system, thanks to their essential shapes, beautiful colours with evocative names — Kos White, London Grey, Ingo Black — and the attention to detail that characterises all the company's products. We offer the Soft edge wall model and the Soft Slim vertical hood with reduced depth, both equipped with  touch controls and LED lighting and also featuring particularly low energy consumption. Perfect for island kitchens, the stylish, chandelier-style Soft Cubes allow automatic delayed shutdown for the complete elimination of odours and cooking vapour and offers the possibility of keeping the hood activated for 24 hours at reduced consumption and noise levels, thanks to the  Sound Pro technology, which enhances motor and perimeter aspiration.

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