Functionality and design in the kitchen: the new 2023 Vertical wall hoods

Functionality and design in the kitchen: the new 2023 Vertical wall hoods

If there is one corner of the house where functionality and style come together in perfect harmony, it is definitely the kitchen. And in the era of modern, habitable and trendy kitchens, there is no element that embodies this combination better than wall-mounted hoods. Often neglected but of fundamental importance, in addition to being the perfect way to ensure the air is always fresh and free of unpleasant smells in environments dedicated to cooking, wall hoods have, over time, become more and more like works of art, products of the creativity of talented contemporary interior designers.

In this article, we will guide you through the functional and aesthetic advantages of the wall-mounted hood, presenting the new line of Faber 2023 Vertical hoods, which ingeniously combine beauty and innovation in the kitchen.

Wall hoods: elegant functionality in the kitchen

Wall-mounted hoods are not simply electronic appliances but are emblematic of a kitchen capable of combining elegance with the practical needs of domestic life: their main function is to purify the kitchen air, sucking and filtering unpleasant fumes and smells while adding a touch of style and personalisation to the environment.

But let's consider in more detail why wall-mounted hoods are a wise choice for modern kitchens.

Functional advantages of Wall Hoods

Advantages of wall hoods in terms of functionality include:

  • Air purification

The main advantage of wall hoods is their ability to purify the air in the kitchen: during cooking, they collect and filter out unwanted fumes, vapours and odours, leaving the air fresh, clean and breathable.

  • Integrated lighting

The best wall hoods are equipped with integrated lighting: a system that ensures that the lights provide clear and bright illumination of the cooktop, improving visibility during meal preparation.

  • Suction control

Some advanced models allow the intensity of suction to be adjusted, enabling precise control over cooking fumes and odours, even in the case of elaborate preparations and particularly invasive scents.

Aesthetic advantages of Wall Hoods

From an aesthetic point of view, wall-mounted hoods can enhance the look of your kitchen in several ways:

  • Modern design

Wall-mounted hoods offer a wide range of design and finishing options to suit any type of environment, becoming an important visual element and contributing to the overall aesthetics of the space they adorn.

  • Focal point of the room

A well-designed, wall-mounted hood can become the focal point of the kitchen: exploiting the use of clean lines and high-quality materials, it can become a decorative element in its own right, enhancing the distinctive features of this domestic environment.

  • Customisation

Some manufacturers offer variations in the design of wall hoods from the same range that differ in finishes and aesthetic details, thus allowing different style and taste preferences to be met.

Furniture with vertical hoods: Faber's new 2023 Vertical line

Among the most attractive models in terms of furniture with vertical hoods, the new range of devices recently launched by Faber represents an advantageous solution for those looking for an aspirating system that is beautiful to look at, but also high-performing and destined to last over time. Minimal and elegant, but sturdy and hyper-functional, the new 2023 Vertical kitchen hoods are in line with the most current trends in interior design with a refined total black, and are also high quality fittings, thanks to outstanding aesthetic details  – the hinges –, attention to design and interesting technological advantages.

Designed to ensure fresh and fragrant air even in environments particularly exposed to fumes and bad odours, they boast a powerful engine and higher performance intake systems than ordinary vertical hoods on the market. Among the most significant innovations are, the double suction system, front and bottom, guaranteed by a single grease filter, whose dimensions promote maximum uptake, as well as easy accessibility internally for cleaning purposes. Whilst the LED lighting ensures lower energy consumption and improved illumination of the whole cooking area, the Sound Pro sound reduction and quality system is able to limit noise and discomfort in the kitchen, while the Intensive Speed function is a great help in the event of special cooking needs. With its specially-angled body to contribute to optimal suction of kitchen fumes and better lighting of the hob, three versions are available: True Black, True Double Black and Pure Black.

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