Improve ventilation in your kitchen with Faber

Improve ventilation in your kitchen with Faber

The importance of having a well-ventilated kitchen

When experts design kitchens, they need to take into account ergonomics, the availability of gas and electrical connections, the cost of different appliances, as well as the aesthetics of the overall installation. But more importantly, they have to take into account kitchen ventilation. Why is ventilation so crucial? Let’s find out more.

Why ventilation is vital to ensure a healthy cooking space

Above all, ventilation is an essential way to avoid the inhalation of potentially harmful gases that are created during typical cooking processes.

When we cook proteins and carbohydrates, they can release molecules called aldehydes or alkanoic acids. These substances are known to cause respiratory problems, while other aromatic hydrocarbons and heterocyclic substances may even be carcinogenic, so they need to be removed efficiently from kitchen environments.

Studies of cookery workers have found higher rates of pneumonia and bronchitis (probably caused by fatty molecules ), and long-term exposure is associated with early mortality – so the ventilation of kitchens is a serious public health issue.

Ensure that kitchen walls and ceilings remain spotless

Secondly, good ventilation is a proven way to keep the paintwork or tiles of domestic kitchens cleaner, for longer. When we cook, we tend to release grease molecules which attach to nearby surfaces. That’s why you’ll often see grimy deposits on in between tiles or on the ceiling of poorly ventilated kitchens.

This isn’t just an aesthetic problem, although it can definitely lead to unnecessary clean-up costs. It’s also another public health concern, providing places for bacteria to thrive, and raising the risk of food poisoning.

Install high-quality kitchen ventilation systems to combat odour, dirt, and disease

Fortunately, there is a simple solution to these problems: Installing a silent ventilation system from Faber. We have been manufacturing high-quality extraction hoods for domestic and commercial customers for generations, and you can be sure that our appliances will clean kitchen air as efficiently as possible.

With a Faber hood installed over your range, you’ll be able to minimise the risk of cooking smells contaminating the whole house. You’ll find that coughs and sneezing become less frequent while cooking. And you’ll be able to keep your kitchen surfaces cleaner than ever. On top of that, our hoods have effortlessly elegant designs – the product of our attention to detail and flair for aesthetic composition.

If you want to solve ventilation problems, check out Faber’s hood collection such as Cooker Hood Onyx-T. There’s sure to be a design that meets your needs.

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