Kitchen hood: how to choose the perfect cooker hood for your kitchen

Kitchen hood: how to choose the perfect cooker hood for your kitchen

Wonder how to choose the right kitchen hood? Our brief guide will help you make this difficult choice.

Which hood to choose?

The hood is one of the most important appliances in the kitchen. It extracts and filters steam, smoke and odours while ensuring a constant air exchange and preventing your home from being invaded by the unpleasant odours that inevitably occur while cooking. So, how do you choose? It’s important to select a hood that combines aesthetics with functionality. Our brief guide will help you to choose the hood that best fits your needs and which will transform the kitchen into a welcoming and healthy place. 

Choosing an aesthetically pleasing kitchen hood

Do you want a suspended or built-in hood? Do you prefer classic or contemporary lines? Whether you choose a corner hood or one fixed to the wall, or you opt for an island or recessed design, your hood should work in harmony with your kitchen fittings. Wall mounted glass and steel hoods are appreciated for their clean minimalist design. Other options include full or semi-integrated hoods made from materials such as aluminium and wood.

Dimensions, noise levels and energy consumption

In order for cooking fumes to be channelled correctly, a kitchen hood must be equal to or greater than the dimension of the work surface. Noise levels are a major factor; look for models that use innovative technologies to reduce perceived noise levels and which operate at 10 decibels or under. Energy efficiency is more important than ever today, so you should also check whether the appliance you like meets your needs. Choose a model equipped with a motor that provides high performance and an energy class rating of A+.

Faber: latest generation hoods

Faber kitchen hoods have been designed to blend harmoniously with a diverse range of environments. They complement a wide variety of architectural styles and allow you to cook in a peaceful and relaxing environment. Their many merits include a detailed design based on the latest technology with features like reduced energy consumption, enhanced suction power, efficient filtering and greater acoustic comfort. It is no coincidence that Faber was the inventor of the hood or that the company’s technological innovations can be found in over half the homes in Italy. Find your nearest point of sale and discover the Faber range that is perfect for your kitchen!

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