Purifying air in the kitchen - Federico Fusca

Purifying air in the kitchen - Federico Fusca

Whilst it is now well known that indoor air pollution is one of the problems shared by all European countries and numerous studies show what risks we take even in our own homes, not everyone is aware that one of the most exposed areas is the kitchen.

The quality of the air that we breathe at home, as well as being compromised by dust, pollen, bacteria and particulate matter, is also susceptible to the unpleasant smells released by cooking food. When we cook, the emission of fumes and the formation of vapours, combined with products that, with heat, can release harmful substances, all make the kitchen an environment that is far from healthy.

Luckily, today there are a few devices that can respond appropriately to the need to purify the air in the kitchen. These include the range of cooker extractor and filtering hoods available from Faber: the implementation of advanced technology guarantees excellent performance in terms of functionality, efficiency and practicality, fully restoring the air to an enjoyable quality, even in such a “threatened” environment as the one used for cooking.

To introduce Faber’s Galileo NG Induction Hob with Integrated Extraction, we’ve identified some cooking situations that could severely compromise the air quality, showing how action can be taken to safeguard this sociable, fun-loving corner of our homes. To assist us in this task, the well-known Tuscan chef and food influencer, Federico Fusca, has shared for us some great videos on his Instagram account @federicofusca, showing him preparing some of his finest recipes. Dishes which, whilst delicious, definitely require efficient air purification in the kitchen.

Recipe: Pasta alla Norma

A recipe originating from Catania, Pasta alla Norma is an exquisite starter, ideal for special occasions or special guests. After frying the aubergines in plenty of olive oil and draining them on a sheet of kitchen paper, make the sauce with tomato passata, leaving it to cook for 10 minutes. Meanwhile, cook the pasta and finish it off in the pan with the cooking water and the tomato sauce. At this point, simply add the crispy aubergine, plenty of basil and a sprinkling of grated salted ricotta. Et voilà… goodness is served!

But how do you get rid of that unpleasant smell from frying the aubergines, which has spread throughout your home? With the Galileo NG hob and extractor, the problem is solved! Because as soon as you turn it on, the extraction speed automatically adapts to the intensity of the cooking. But that’s not all: whilst standard cooker hoods are equipped with classic intensive extraction, Faber will amaze you with its additional Double Intensive function. By taking the extraction up to level 5, Federico only needs a few minutes to neutralise the stubbornest of smells and cooking fumes before his guests arrive.

Recipe: Grilled beefburger and caramelised onions with teriyaki and pecorino

Recipe: Grilled beefburger and caramelised onions with teriyaki and pecorino

An imaginative recipe for a delicious version of grilled Chianina beefburger, dressed with herbs, embellished with caramelised onions flavoured with a spoonful of chestnut honey and fused with an exotic touch of teriyaki sauce. To finish off, a couple of slices of pecorino Toscano and the indispensable pomodorini tomatoes.

A truly indulgent dish which does, however, inevitably release several fumes and stubborn smells, which only a super extraction hob is capable of dispelling properly. Federico demonstrates the features of Faber’s Galileo NG, calling it “the Formula 1 of extraction hobs”, focusing, in this particular case, on the Bridge Zone function, a godsend for those occasions when lots of friends come round and you need to cook for several people. Advanced technology enables you to select individual cooking zones or combine them to create larger cooking and extraction areas.

Recipe: Spaghettone with cream of broad beans, lemon scampi and crispy cashews

A sublime recipe for spaghettone with creamed broad beans, lemon scampi and crunchy cashews from our Tuscan chef. We start with the broad beans, peeling and blanching them on the stove. In the meantime, we have to heat some oil with a garlic clove in a saucepan and cook the blanched broad beans for about two minutes with a pinch of salt and pepper. Meanwhile we can take care of the scampi: they must be cleaned, cut and seasoned with salt, pepper and a grating of Sorrento lemon. The blended broad beans create an exquisite cream which, enhanced by crunchy cashews and lemon shrimps, will season our original spaghettoni.

Are you worried about the smell of the broad beans and the scampi that will inevitably spread through the kitchen, compromising the purity of the air? No worries: thanks to its automatic switching on at the most suitable speed and a suction capacity adapted to the maximum cooking level, the integrated Galileo 80cm hood allows us to neutralize the smells before they bother us, managing to purify the air in our kitchen in no time at all.
Performance made even more appreciable by the contribution that the low-consumption device allows us to provide for the environment: particularly sensible to safeguarding the planet, Federico highlights the A++ energy class of the Galileo's extremely silent motor as a guarantee of considerable, and more than ever providential, energy savings.

An invisible but extremely functional device, the Galileo NG superbly brings together the cooker hob and extraction hood functions, combining them in a single product capable of displaying practicality, efficiency and functionality at their very best. Excellent performance guaranteed by a range of technological benefits, including automatic ignition of the extractor with the extraction adapted to the maximum level of cooking, and the provision of additional Double Intensive extraction, for neutralising even the worst and stubbornest smells in an instant. To add to the appeal, the energy saving offered by the extremely quiet brushless motor, the waterproof technology of the motor, guaranteeing its safety even in the case of accidental liquid spills, and the smart, compact and space-saving design that allows for space to store utensils below the hob.

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