Kitchen extractor hoods.

An extractor hood is an essential part of any modern kitchen.

Whether ceiling or built-in, classic or modern, the kitchen hood is an indispensable appliance and needs to be chosen with care, bearing in mind factors like functionality, style, ease of installation and practicality. At Faber, we have been fusing all these elements successfully for over 60 years. As a result, our hoods are the preferred choice of those in search of a more enjoyable cooking experience and a kitchen free from odours, humidity and steam damage.

Only Faber hoods combine advanced technology with such a vast experience in design.

From our first built-in extractor hoods to our latest ceiling and island designs, over the years we have regularly added to our catalogue to satisfy all possible requirements for space, style and practicality. Today, the Faber range includes user-friendly, full-view hoods and models that retract discreetly into a wall cabinet to avoid spoiling the harmony of a stylish fitted kitchen.
We are not going to stop here, however. Driven by our commitment to continuous innovation and improvement, we are constantly developing new ways to make cooking a more satisfying and relaxing experience. So leave the job of eliminating condensation, odours and noise to Faber. After all, we have over half a century of experience in air matters, and have created the jewels of air technology that grace over half the homes in Italy.