Open plan kitchen: How to design it

Open plan kitchen: How to design it

The appeal of an open plan kitchen is undeniable. These layouts maximise your space, utility, aesthetics and sense of ‘flow’ in the home. But how can you create your own? The key to success lies in perfect preparation and the use of a professional!

Function before form

Functionality is the absolute key here. With an open-plan space, there will be no option to close off your kitchen zone, to shut doors on the sound of noisy appliances, to prevent children from tearing through as you remove hot things from the oven or to hide clutter or mess! With this in mind, it makes sense to work with an architect, interior designer or builder to benefit from their professional experience and to ensure that you achieve the right end result.

How to design an open plan kitchen - Faber

Focus on zones of your kitchen

Your open-plan kitchen will need to have clearly designed, functional areas for cooking, dining and cooking – even if they are located next to each other. Bear in mind that it is easier to locate your kitchen next to an external wall for extractor fan ducting, water pipes and cabinet housing. Think about factors such as the location of your dining table, any views of your garden that you might want to maximise and the way that you like to cook. For example, some cooks like to be able to chat to family members or friends in a social way whilst they prepare food, making a kitchen island or bar table handy. Consider too:

  • How will people move through the kitchen safely?
  • Can your cooks move through their kitchen triangle (the cooker, sink and fridge) easily?
  • Will any TV screens be in a logical place?
  • Will noisy appliances such as a washing machine be housed separately in a utility room?
  • How will the lighting be placed for maximum effect?
  • What storage do you need?

Your professional designer will help to guide you through a list of considerations and make recommendations according to your space, needs and budget.

How to design an open plan kitchen - Faber

Use visuals

Whether you go for open-plan or the more modern ‘broken plan’ alternative, which creates tightly defined zones within the open-plan layout, using devices such as split floors or partitions, it helps to have a visual. Your designer will use software that creates visual guides of your finished kitchen layout, and this will really help to bring your project to life.

Remember not to rush with this large project and to be clear on your budget for the best results. Don’t forget your cooker hood either, which can be a beautiful visual centrepiece and provide real aesthetic value, as well as exceptional functionality. Download the latest Faber brochure and find out why one in two Italian kitchens boasts a stylish Faber hood!

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