Quality control and Faber Spa Certifications

Our products are the goal of our technology, the criterion of our design, the parameter of our quality. Thanks to unique experience and exclusive skills, we keep all the complexity of production under control. Faber quality can be seen, felt and touched in every detail. It is also a quality of life. It is a global achievement.

First in the World in Excellence and Certifications

We were the first in the kitchen hood sector to obtain the ISO 9001 certification of the company quality system.

Our Integrated Quality, Safety and Environment System is certified by the SGS body with respect to the ISO 9001:2000, ISO 45001 and ISO 14001 standards.We hold the first ever SGS Certificate of Excellence in the world, number 001.

Faber Cappa a parete in acciaio inox e vetro trasparente

360° Competence

Since the beginning, Faber has been a leader in its sector in automation and robotics, Information Technology and Total Quality.

A complete vision of the material and its connections, of the production processes and of the impact on people and the world, raises the quality of the work and makes the experience increasingly a science.

Quality to Live

Advanced engineering research to provide innovative solutions and competitive advantages, while improving the quality of life in the kitchen. This is not just an objective for us.

It's a mission. It is a daily task and commitment.