Faber Design: let's not confuse design with fashion.

We are faithful to the principle “Form follows function”. It is our way of creating products that meet actual practical and aesthetic needs. Our design is the essence of our thinking. Transform everything volatile into tangible value.

Design and Function

Exclusive shapes, aesthetic taste, refined elegance and at the same time harmonious simplicity are the result of continuous research that combines style and functionality. The Faber style is present in every model, but its greatest expression is in the furnishing hoods.

Faber Cappa a parete

Elegance and Efficiency

We create our models aware that the hood has a strong aesthetic impact in the kitchen, enhances and harmonizes its lines and integrates without losing its stylistic note.A hood must function perfectly, even in context. The aesthetic value, although difficult to quantify, is decisive for the choice.

Faber Cappa a lampadario

Aesthetics and Comfort

Our design embraces, elevates and illuminates the essence of our technological innovation and stylistic research. It is designed to make the lives of future generations more beautiful and comfortable. For us this is the best way to leave our mark.

Faber Cappa a parete