Black Friday: in the kitchen with Federico Fusca

Black Friday: in the kitchen with Federico Fusca

We all know by now that, on top of dust, pollen, bacteria and other particles in the air around us,  the quality of the air that we or our guests breathe inside our homes can be seriously affected by fumes and bad smells released from food during cooking. This in turn can have harmful effects on our health (nausea, headaches, irritation of the eyes and airways and sleep and eating problems) that can become quite serious, especially for people who suffer from asthma or other lung conditions.

So, can we purify the air in our kitchens from the odours released when frying fish or other particularly pungent ingredients and protect our interior air from the fumes that inevitably end up spreading throughout our homes while we’re cooking?

Fortunately, there are products on the market that can restore your kitchen’s air purity swiftly, effectively and definitively. Within this category of products, Faber’s own range of extractor hoods and kitchen fans stand out thanks to their quality and performance when it comes to efficiency, functionality and practicality, as well as their ability to make air clean and breathable even in environments with the highest pollution risk (such as cooking areas).

In order to test the ingenuity of the Faber stovetop with integrated Galileo extraction hood and to show off its unique abilities, we decided to simulate a cooking situation that, like so many others, could compromise the air quality inside your home, especially in the kitchen and the spaces surrounding it. To join us in this experiment, we have enlisted the help of Tuscan chef and food influencer @FedericoFusca who, to help celebrate Black Friday, has been more than happy to step into our kitchen and prepare one of his highly acclaimed recipes together with some of our friends from @faber_frankeairexpert.

Recipe: Risotto with cuttlefish ink and crispy peanuts

A refined and creamy recipe, risotto with cuttlefish ink is a starter that both looks and tastes incredible, and which contains all the aromas and flavours of the sea: perfect for special occasions, as this is a dish with a wow factor that is guaranteed to impress your dinner guests.

Start by boiling celery, carrots, onions and tomatoes in water…

Have you accidentally splashed some water onto the stovetop? Federico reassures us that the motor technology used in the Galileo integrated extractor hood is waterproof, meaning your safety is guaranteed even if you accidentally spill a bit of water while cooking.

Fry the calamari in with garlic and the chopped onion, then simmer in some good white wine for a couple of minutes before removing from the pan in order to not overcook it. Add the Carnaroli rice to the pan with some more wine and, once the wine has evaporated, add the cuttlefish ink before continuing to cook the rice using vegetable stock.

Worried about what your mother might say about the smell and fumes of what are you cooking spreading throughout the kitchen? Not to worry: thanks to its high-speed automatic detection and the intensity of its suction, the integrated Galileo hood will eliminate all bad smells and cooking fumes before they have time to spread, filtering the air in your kitchen as if by magic!

To complete this gourmet dish, add the calamari back in the pan towards the end of the cooking time, chopping up some peanuts in the meantime. Stir in some frozen butter, top with the chopped peanuts and voilà! Our delicious risotto is ready to serve!

As some of the main stars when it comes to innovation in the cookery sector, the Galileo Smart and Galileo NG integrated kitchen hoods have been purposely designed to neutralise kitchen odours and fumes using a solution that combines a stovetop and an extraction hood in a unique integrated product that is able to regulate cooking temperature and suction power with extreme precision. This high-quality performance is made possible by the hood’s automatic detection function that switches it on at the most appropriate speed, the adaptability of the extraction capacity based on cooking level and the incredible Double Intensity setting that lets you eliminate even the most pervasive of cooking odours in just a few minutes.

In line with Faber’s philosophy of reducing consumption while respecting the environment, the NG model has an A+++ energy rating, while the Smart model is fitted with a power limiter that lets you adjust power consumption at four different levels. The Galileo hood also uses a motor that is both remarkably space-efficient and waterproof, meaning you can continue to use it even in the event of a large amount of water being accidentally spilled.
The value of the hood is underscored by an innovative design that aims to enhance comfort: designed to occupy a minimum amount of space inside the unit it is installed on, the main body of the product is in the centre of the hood, giving you plenty of space underneath the unit to install a drawer for utensils and/or food.

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