Faber walks away with the International Award of the 14th edition of grandesignEtico

Faber walks away with the International Award of the 14th edition of grandesignEtico

Milan (Italy), 18th November 2016. Faber, market leader in the kitchen hood sector, received an award during the gala evening of the 14th edition of grandesignEtico International Award which took place in Milan last night. The ceremony took place in the magnificent premises of Banca Prossima and the award for the Talìka hood was collected by our Marketing Manager, Serena Sorana.


Talìka is the first ever really vertical hood. This visually striking product boasts sleek geometrical lines and an innovative finish. It is available in 3 different versions: the white panel is overlapped by  a copper-tone panel, that can be ordered also in  polished titanium or concrete. 3 exclusive variations with Faber's distinctively stylish stamp. A lightweight elegant hood, an actual “window over the kitchen hob”: the merit goes to Nautilus, an astoundingly wafer-thin diffuser which reaches energy class A with a mere 15 cm. Talìka has eclipsed traditional oblique designs with its ground-breaking form - now, for the first time, there is a hood which lies perpendicular to the hob.

A product which totally bears out the values of grandesignEtico, founded by Sergio Costa with the sponsorship of the Plana cultural Association and which for years has been working to build up an events schedule that will disseminate the value of quality Italian design - a national area of excellence that creates functional products catering for human beings and their myriad needs and desires. The grandesignEtico International Award complies with strict standards and has been assigned every two years for as many as 14 editions by the Plana Cultural Association. It honours the commitment of designers and companies who have come up with innovative products and distinguished themselves for their keen sense of aesthetics.

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