Induction coffee maker - How to choose the right model

Induction coffee maker - How to choose the right model

A good coffee after you get up in the morning is an absolute must. If you appreciate the characteristic flavor granted by the moka pot and you have an induction hob, you shouldn’t worry: here are some tips on how to choose the best induction coffee maker model.

If you chose an induction hob for the kitchen, you mut have all of the necessary accessories to make the most of it. Among these, an induction coffee maker cannot be left out, especially if you appreciate the unique taste of moka pot coffee.
First of all, remember that traditional coffee makers cannot be used on the induction hob: traditional moka pots are made of aluminum and this material is unfortunately not suitable for induction cooking, unless burnt coffee is the result you are looking for. Induction hobs require an 18/10 steel coffee maker that, when needed, can be used on a gas hob as well.

Induction coffee makers are not very different from the classic moka ones, the only difference is in the production materials, which must necessarily be compatible with kitchen stoves. For instance, the bottom of the coffee pot is treated with carbon or titanium in order to prevent oxidation. When assessing hob compatibility, it is important to carefully read the induction coffee maker documents included in the packaging: induction cooker compatibility must be clearly spelled out. In addition to that, the bottom of the coffee pot should feature a compatibility symbol.
The main problem of induction coffee makers is their capacity: they very often are produced only with a capacity of 4 or 6 cups, and there are only a few models on sale that feature a lower one. A pleasant turn of events though is that it takes much less to make coffee on an induction hob, provided that a suitable coffee pot is used: coffee is ready in just 35 seconds! This is because induction hobs heat up 2/3 times faster than traditional ones.
Of course, you do not have to replace the traditional aluminum moka pot if you have an induction hob: you can easily get an induction plate adaptor.

The most suitable hood - integrated hob
Do you know those mornings where you just want to make some coffee for yourself? But you are still sleepy, or maybe worried about the thousand things you have to do during the day…and then the worst thing possible happens: coffee spills all over your induction hob. Fortunately, Galileo Smart by Faber has an important feature to save the day: waterproof technology. Leaks will not interfere with the heating, as they are collected in a specific compartment of a strategically reduced size, to the point of allowing the presence of a tool drawer in the area right below it.

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