different accessories to personalize the hood, practical and easy to apply. Glass fronts, splashbacks and shelves to be chosen separately and matched on the installed hood according to your tastes and needs.

Air capacity

indicates the volume of air sucked in an hour. It is measured in cubic meters per hour (m³/h)

Baffle filter

a metallic grease filter patented by Faber that offers              professional effectiveness (it captures more than 90% of the              grease particles). It is washable by hand or dishwashers


the part of the hood that contains the extraction unit and conveys the air. On its surface are allocated the controls

Charcoal filters

these anti-odour filters are mounted only on recycling hoods. They are made of active carbon which traps bad odours. The charcoal filters lose their effectiveness after three months of normal functioning and must be replaced.


is part of the hood placed over the body: it covers the extraction unit and/or part of the ducting system. There are different sizes depending on the height of the ceiling where the hood is to be installed.

Comfort panel

a sound-proofing cushion that together with the perimeter aspiration reduces the perceived noise by 25%

Corner Adapter

needed for the installation of some particular corner hoods that do not have a sharp edge in the back

Delayed switch-off

electronic timer that automatically turns off the hood after a settled time.

Dish drainer

convenient draining element to be combined with certain models of hoods

Ducting system

all the pipes that convey outside the air. The diameter of the ducting system affects the effectiveness of your hood. The optimum diameter is 150 mm

Easy Cube

system that allows an easy and accurate mounting of the hood.

Easy Dismounting

system that allows a quick removal of the extraction unit for an easy maintenance.

Electronic Controls

controls interface that allows you to use all the electronic functions of your hood in a simple and immediate way, or even automatically. The hoods equipped with electronics have additional functions that improve the comfort use of the hood.

Extraction hood

the functioning mode of the hood that extracts fumes and steam out of the kitchen by means of a ducting system. It is the recommended functioning mode.

Extraction Unit

installed inside the hood, it is composed of motor and impeller. It allows the air intake.


indicates materials and (possibly) colours that characterize the aesthetics of your hood.

Flat air-duct system

special flat pipes that can be hidden from view to avoid imperfections in the kitchen.

Grease filter

a filter that protects the motor from the grease contained in the fumes and steam captured by the hood. All the hoods are equipped with a grease filter.


the value in watts (W) of the hood's energy absorption while in operation. The value varies depending on the speed selected and the turning on/off of the lights.

Installation typology

the position of the hood over the hob: 1. wall 2. corner 3. island 4. integrated 5. built-in

Intensive speed

the maximum air capacity of the engine

Intensive Speed

highest air capacity for 10 minutes in case of special cooking (fried / grilled).

Key 24

electronic mode of operation of the hood for a continuous changing of the air in perfect silence. Ideal for maintaining healthy environment even when not cooking


the hoods are equipped with lights to illuminate the cooking surface. Under this heading are listed the type, the number and the absorption (W).

Mechanical pushbutton

controls interface that allows you to turn on, adjust and turn off the hood manually. You can also turn on the light to illuminate the hob

Noise level

expresses in dB (A) the noise generated by the hood during operation. The noise is mostly generated by the flow of air that is created inside the hood during aspiration.

Perimeter Aspiration

a technology that uses the Venturi effect to increase the speed of the sucked air by reducing the inlet slots. We developed the perimeter extraction by adding sound-proofing panels to reduce noise dramatically. The perimeter aspiration allows innovative aesthetics and easy cleaning


the ability to send the sucked air out through the pipes. The pressure is measured in Pa (Pascal. 1 Pa = 1 N / m²).

Recycling hood

the functioning mode of the hood that filters fumes and steam from the air by means of charcoal filters and returns it to the kitchen.

Remote control

accessory that allows a remote control of the hood.

Saturated filter indicator

electronic light that indicates when to replace filters


a metal grilled support for putting plates and ladles upon.

Silent Kit

kit consisting of two sound-proofing cushions which reduce the perceived noise by 25%


the regimes of the engine in operation. The highest sequence number indicates a greater extraction capacity.


it protects the walls between the cooking top and the hood from eventual splashes from the cooking. It is matched to the finish of the hood