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Faber piano cottura aspirante con cappa integrata Galileo

Extractor hobs

Faber Cappa a parete True Double Black e piano cottura a induzione


Faber Cucina con piano cottura a induzione con padelle e pentole sopra

Induction hobs

Designing the future

Ergonomics, design, functionality, comfort, style and wellbeing for the home

Faber Cappa a parete True Double Black

Wall hoods

Faber Cappa a isola T-Shelf Nero opaco

Island hoods

Faber Cappa sospesa Beat XL Nero opaco

Suspended hoods

Faber Cappa ceiling a soffitto

Ceiling hoods

Faber cappa integrata downdraft e piano cottura a induzione

Downdraft hoods

Faber Cappa da incasso e piano cottura a induzione

Built-in hoods

Advanced technology for real life benefits

Steam Off System

Faber’s exclusive Steam Off System gets rid of condensation from the outset by preventing its formation. As it extracts, the hood emits jets of controlled air that generate vortices and acceleration, aiding the rise and channelling of steam until fully captured.

Zero Drip and Zero Drip Plus

Faber’s Zero Drip and Zero Drip Plus systems stop condensation after it has formed. The former collects it in a groove, preventing it from falling onto the hob. The latter makes it evaporate via contact with specially heated surfaces.

Sound Pro

Having a hood that operates with the least possible noise, even at maximum performance, is crucial. By reducing turbulence and vortices in the internal airflow, the new Sound Pro extraction technology is capable of both reducing noise levels and improving the sound quality of the hood.

Sil & Still

Thanks to the study of aerodynamic flows within the hood and targeted acoustic insulation, this Faber technology reduces noise levels at maximum power to only 52 dB(A). Activating the Eco Function allows for continuous air exchange in the surrounding environment for 24 hours, with minimal consumption below 40 dB(A).


Faber is continually in search of technologically advanced solutions. With Brushless, the quietest motor on the market, it ensures the best energy efficiency and high extraction effectiveness.

Remote Blower

This technology allows for the motor to be installed away from the hood, minimising noise in the kitchen and ensuring the highest levels of acoustic comfort.

Up & Down

Faber’s space-saving Up & Down technology seamlessly integrates the hood and light fitting, combining extraction needs with design and lighting requirements.


Airlane technology makes it possible to install certain Faber suspended hoods in extraction mode, avoiding unsightly ducting.

Faber Cloud

Thanks to the app connected to the Faber Cloud (available for iOS and Android), which can be downloaded to smartphones, you can monitor air quality at home at any time, even remotely.

Air Quality Sensor

All hoods in Faber’s Air Treatment range are equipped with the Air Quality Sensor: the innovative sensor that allows you to monitor air quality and adjust extraction in the presence of allergens, pollutants and odours.

UV-C Lamp

UV-C Lamp technology kills viruses and bacteria with absolute safety and no ozone production.

Highest Energy Efficiency

Faber hoods are rated in the highest energy efficiency classes.
They ensure maximum performance and minimal consumption of the extraction motor, filtration system, and lighting. The top-of-the-range model, Galileo, achieves excellence in class A+++.

LED Light

Lower consumption, better lighting. Thanks to LED lighting, you will have bright light and excellent visibility across the entire cooking area, with significant energy savings.


Faber’s K-Link technology automatically manages the extraction power of your hood. Thanks to the wireless connection between the hood and the induction hob, it allows you to cook freely, without distractions.

High Filtering

Faber is the only company offering maximum effectiveness in activated carbon filtering. High Filtering technology makes the hood more efficient for purifying air from all odours.

Faber esterno sede azienda
Faber esterno sede azienda

Improving air quality

since 1955

Air is part of our identity and we have built unique expertise in the field. Using materials such as steel, glass, or wood, we have transformed the kitchen hood into a design object with innovative features.

Since 2005, we have been the Air Expert of the Franke Group, which for over 100 years stands for high quality, innovative engineering and exceptional design.

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