Faber: another name for "green"

Save energy and help keep the atmosphere clean with Faber

Faber respects the planet

How to prevent the emission of 288 kg of CO2 a year... choose a Faber green hood!

Life in Class A++ is possible even in the kitchen with a Faber green hood. Faber green hoods consume up to 85% less than average. And every year they eliminate atmospheric pollution equivalent to the exhaust emissions of a car driving for 1,747 km. A truly impressive result achieved thanks to two Faber exclusives: brushless motors and LED lighting technology.

Il risparmio energetico delle cappe da cucina Faber

Brushless Technology

Lower consumption, higher performance

Brushless motors deliver dramatic energy savings and high efficiency suction. They consume 85% less than conventional electric motors at low-medium speeds (in kW/h), and 35% less at high speeds. They are also the most silent-running motors on the market today and guarantee stable performance under all operating conditions.

LED Light Technology

Less consumption, more light

LED technology gives a pleasant, natural light (4100°K) and does not alter colours. Thanks to their stylish, clean lines, Faber’s LED spot lights integrate perfectly in the structure of your hood and provide superb illumination. They distribute light more effectively around the kitchen and, more importantly, ensure excellent visibility over the hob beneath. On top of all this, they consume only 2W.

Faber dettaglio tecnologia Airlane


Superb extraction through an invisible duct

Faber dettaglio tecnologia Steam Off System

Steam Off System

Banishing steam from the kitchen

Immagine tecnologia Nautilus


Cutting consumption and boosting efficiency

Faber dettaglio tecnologia Sil & Still

Sil & Still

Pure silence every day

Faber dettaglio tecnologia High Filtering

High Filtering

Maximum efficiency from active carbon filters