Sil and Still

Pure silence every day

Sil & Still + Eco Function: from 52 to 40 dB(A)

All Still line hoods produce only 52 dB(A) at full power. On top of this, when you select the Eco Function they switch to ultrasilent mode and produce less than 40 dB(A).

Faber’s Still line hoods, made up of the models ONYX Ceiling, Vertical and T-Shape (all in energy efficiency class A++), now come with SIL & STILL technology. Developed following careful study of the air flows inside the hood, this new technology incorporates special insulating material at the points responsible for generating most noise.

Modalità silenziosa con Sil & Still ed Eco Function

Continuous silent extraction. 24 hours a day.

Eco mode is activated by pressing the Eco button on the hood’s control panel. The mode remains active for 24 hours before switching off automatically, and functioning is confirmed by a green light. Eco mode is the ideal way of ensuring a continuous exchange of air in the kitchen, silently and cheaply.

Faber dettaglio tecnologia Airlane


Superb extraction through an invisible duct

Faber dettaglio tecnologia Steam Off System

Steam Off System

Banishing steam from the kitchen

Immagine tecnologia Nautilus


Cutting consumption and boosting efficiency

Faber dettaglio tecnologia High Filtering

High Filtering

Maximum efficiency from active carbon filters

Faber dettaglio tecnologia Brushless


Save energy and help keep the atmosphere clean