Furnishing a mini-kitchen: Ideas and tips to keep small spaces tidy and easy to use

Furnishing a mini-kitchen: Ideas and tips to keep small spaces tidy and easy to use

Mini kitchens: Offering great style in small spaces

In modern urban lifestyles, the spaces we inhabit seem to shrink all the time. As anyone who lives in small studio or one-bedroom apartments soon learns, using space intelligently is a real challenge. However, knowing how to optimise space with smart furniture arrangements allows occupants to create liveable environments that are both functional and attractive.

Thankfully, industry has taken up this challenge, proposing solutions for every room of the home. That’s where mini-kitchens come into the picture. Based on cutting edge technology, these designs combine furniture and appliances skillfully, and out-perform standard-sized products in terms of aesthetics.

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Where to start when furnishing mini kitchens

If you want to make small kitchens functional and welcoming, it’s important to start by choosing colours and layouts. Using neutral colours is a good idea, and it’s advisable to keep design elements to a minimum.

Clever use of lighting can also be a handy way to make small kitchens appear wider. If you emphasise the floor of the kitchen with lighting, it can actually accentuate the impression of depth compared with its actual measurements.

It’s also a good idea to use modular systems, which can be adapted to every setting and need. In these systems, hoods and induction stove products can be arranged at will, letting users fit them around their kitchen’s floor plan.

We should also say something about concealed mini-kitchens. In these layouts, kitchen appliances are hidden by doors that are integrated into furniture. In small apartments, this can create the impression of a much larger living space.

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Furnish a mini kitchen with Faber’s smart solutions

Do you have limited space, but the desire to get the most from your kitchen? If so, you’ll want to explore Faber’s corner hoods. Italy’s leading manufacturer of extractor hoods, Faber offers a range of advanced kitchen technologies, including hoods and induction cooktop ideas for every kitchen. That includes space efficient mini-kitchens.

Whether you want a rustic style arrangement, or something modern, Faber hoods easily fit into all furniture styles. They also neutralise vapours and odours safely and efficiently, using cutting edge components that have been developed in compliance with the highest industry standards.

When furnishing a mini kitchen, you may also want to rely on Faber’s FCH 32 induction hob. It’s secret power? When combined with a Hoo-B hood, the FCH 32 induction hob provides A+ vapour extraction and lets you reclaim valuable kitchen space.

Explore Faber’s catalogue, and create a minimalist, sophisticated kitchen that fits seamlessly into your modern lifestyle.

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