Superb extraction through an invisible duct

The essential is also invisible

Airlane Technology conceals a second fan motor in just 30 cm of false ceiling. At the time of installation, this can be connceted to an outdoor air outlet in any of four different positions.

Fixed and mobile (UP&DOWN) versions of FABER’s latest F-LIGHT hoods can now do without a conventional duct even in extraction mode. In fact, the duct disappears completely. Purer air and better performance in energy class A.

Real power makes no noise. It keeps the secret

The second motor in the false ceiling switches on automatically along with the hood. Fumes and steam from the hob are sucked in and channelled through the hood’s top grille, creating a conical air flow that is captured by the Airlane Technology above. The flow forms a vortex that sucks in fumes from further away, purifying the air throughout the kitchen. Airlane Technology also generates 6 dB(A) less noise for even greater comfort.

Faber dettaglio tecnologia Steam Off System

Steam Off System

Banishing steam from the kitchen

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Cutting consumption and boosting efficiency

Faber tecnologia Steam Off System

Sil & Still

Pure silence every day

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High Filtering

Maximum efficiency from active carbon filters

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Save energy and help keep the atmosphere clean