Steam Off System

Banishing steam from the kitchen

A living, breathing hood

Steam Off System – SOS: a doubly smart way to eliminate condensation - totally. Only from Faber.

The SOS system injects accurately controlled, helical and variable geometry air jets into the hood. These jets create a vortex that accelerates the air upwards, increasing flow rate and the hood’s ability to capture cooking fumes and steam.

The result? No more condensation or grease under and inside the hood.

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A Faber exclusive: comfort without condensation

Induction hobs create a large temperature differential between the hot cooking surface and the colder air under the range hood. In the past, this always led to problems of condensation. Steam would condense all around the kitchen, even on the doors and bases of the kitchen units. SOS solves this problem once and for all.

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Superb extraction through an invisible duct

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Cutting consumption and boosting efficiency

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Sil & Still

Pure silence every day

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High Filtering

Maximum efficiency from active carbon filters

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Save energy and help keep the atmosphere clean